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24 Hours In Police Custody: What happened to Paul Jenner and partner Sherry Naidoo?

Another shocking and harrowing case...

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24 Hours In Police Custody airs its series finale tonight (Monday April 12) with a case involving Paul Jenner and Sherry Naidoo.

It’s an intensely moving and personal case for one person of the team at Luton Police Station, too.

Alicia in 24 Hours In Police Custody
Alicia is determined to crack the case of Paul Jenner and Sherry Naidoo (Credit: Channel 4)

What happens in tonight’s episode of 24 Hours In Police Custody?

Tonight’s harrowing real-life case sees the police called to the scene of an attack on a man who has been left badly injured at home.

Transferred to hospital, he receives urgent specialist treatment for brain trauma that doctors believe is so severe he is unlikely to survive.

Back at Luton police HQ, investigating officer Alicia Lawrence realises that she has seen the injured man before.

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Only six months before, Paul Jenner was treated at a local hospital after an assault by his girlfriend.

Alicia handled that case and unsuccessfully tried to persuade 42-year-old Paul to admit what had happened.

Now, in the autumn of 2019, history repeated itself.

A race against time

In tonight’s episode, viewers will see Alicia once again try to persuade Paul to incriminate his partner.

She freely admits that after the previous case, she “knew it would come to this”.

As Alicia tries to piece together what happened, she receives the news that Paul’s condition has worsened.

Now she faces a race against time to charge the suspect.

But will there be sufficient evidence to put the prime suspect away?

Alicia and the team in 24 Hours In Police Custody
Alicia and the team work hard to charge the suspect (Credit: Channel 4)

Who assaulted Paul Jenner?

Paul’s girlfriend Sherry Naidoo, then 37, was accused of assaulting Paul.

Only five weeks before he tragically lost his life, Ms Naidoo was released from prison after being convicted of assault the year before.

During the court case, the jury heard that police were called six times to their shared residence after reports of domestic violence.

The prosecutor in the case said in court: “It’s the prosecution’s case that she caused Mr Jenner’s injuries by assaulting him, causing him to fall and hit his head on a hard surface.”


Sherry Naidoo in 24 Hours In Police Custody
Sherry Naidoo interviewed in the show (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to Sherry Naidoo?

Alicia’s efforts to get justice for Paul included pushing through a charge with a lengthy prison sentence.

The presiding judge ruled that there was not sufficient evidence to charge Ms Naidoo with either murder or manslaughter.

Ms Naidoo had admitted she had assaulted Paul, but the jury did not find enough evidence to support claims that the defendant had pushed him to the ground.

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During the court trial, Ms Naidoo’s defence lawyer stated that she was also a survivor of domestic abuse growing up as a child.

After leaving home, she became an alcoholic.

In the end, Ms Naidoo went to prison for 16 months for assault.

24 Hours In Police Custody is on tonight (Monday April 12) at 9pm on Channel 4

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