12 Puppies and Us Meg and Victoria

12 Puppies and Us: Pooch Meg killed in road accident leaves viewers in tears

Viewers' hearts broke for Meg and Victoria

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12 Puppies and Us floored BBC viewers last night with a ‘brutally’ sad ending about trainee sheep dog Meg.

Wednesday (November 18) evening’s episode featured 16-year-old Victoria and her puppy Meg, who she described as her “best friend”.

12 Puppies and Us featured dog owner Victoria and her pup Meg (Credit: BBC)

What happened in 12 Puppies and Us?

It showed Victoria, from Somerset, training the Border Collie with the hopes of turning her into a working sheep dog.

She said on the programme: “Having a new puppy is quit exciting, it’s been a roller coaster as lots has happened, but it’s a really good experience having a puppy. Especially because it’s Meg and Meg’s, like… we’re best friends.”

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Later, when Meg was 22 weeks old, 12 Puppies and Us showed Victoria working with an expert to train Meg to handle sheep.

Victoria had ambitions to turn Meg into a sheep dog (Credit: BBC)

The were some hiccups along the way but Meg was showing promise, particularly because of Victoria’s care and determination.

The ending of 12 Puppies and Us… poor Meg and Victoria.

The teenager said: “I’ve learned to be more patient and grown more confident in myself, and I’ve got more self-belief that I can do it. I can imagine myself in a field, lovely field, lots of sheep, Meg happy as anything and her herding up the sheep.”

On 12 Puppies and Us, Meg was showing promise as a trainee sheep dog (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Victoria’s puppy Meg in 12 Puppies and Us?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. At the end of the episode, a message appeared on screen informing viewers that Meg had died.

It read: “Sadly, sheep dog Meg died in a road accident one month after filming ended.”

The heartbreaking update left viewers at home feeling emotional.

A message at the end of 12 Puppies and Us revealed Meg had died (Credit: BBC)

How did BBC Two viewers react?

On Twitter, one BBC viewer said: “#12PuppiesAndUs was good again tonight until the ending, so heartbreaking for Meg and Victoria. How sad.”

A second tweeted: “I was not prepared for the ending of #12PuppiesAndUs. Poor Meg and Victoria.”

A third put: “@BBCOne oh no, poor Meg #12PuppiesAndUs. How’s her owner?”

“#12PuppiesAndUs sending so much love to Victoria,” said a fourth, adding: “Poor Meg.”

“As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse,” said a fifth. “Brutal ending to #12PuppiesAndUs. Poor Meg. Any news on how Victoria is doing?”



“Owhhhh Meg,” said a sixth with crying emojis.

Someone else wrote: “Only just started watching this today but poor Meg and her lovely owner.”

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“Was really enjoying #12PuppiesAndUs, the news at the end floored me,” said another. “Poor Meg.”

Another agreed that Victoria must be feeling “devastated”.



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