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Parents of Madeleine McCann share defiant message as they reflect on ’truly horrific crime’

It's been 15 years since she disappeared

The parents of Madeleine McCann have shared a defiant message on the 15th anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance.

Madeleine went missing 15 years ago today (May 3).

And now Kate and Gerry McCann have broken their silence to reflect on the “truly horrific crime” that saw their three-year-old daughter disappear.

Madeleine McCann smiling wearing a blue top
It’s been 15 years since Madeleine McCann went missing (Credit: YouTube)

What happened to Madeleine McCann?

The McCanns were holidaying on the Algarve in Portugal when Maddie disappeared from their apartment on May 3 2007.

Kate and Gerry were out for dinner, checking back regularly on their three children.

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However, when Kate checked at around 10pm, she found twins Amelie and Sean, then aged two, sleeping soundly.

Gerry McCann looking solemn
Madeleine’s father Gerry McCann has never given up hope of finding his daughter alive (Credit: Splash News)

Maddie, however, was missing from her bed – and she’s never been seen since.

Now her parents have reflected on the years she has been missing, thanking their supporters and the police who are still working to find Maddie.

Kate McCann holding a Sainsbury's carrier bag
Kate McCann said in a statement they find ‘comfort’ in messages from supporters (Credit: Splash News)

Parents of Madeleine McCann release statement

Kate and Gerry McCann shared a statement on their Facebook Official Find Madeleine Campaign page.

It read: “This year we mark 15 years since we last saw Madeleine. It feels no harder than any other but no easier either. It’s a very long time.

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“Many people talk about the need for ‘closure’. It’s always felt a strange term.

“Regardless of outcome, Madeleine will always be our daughter and a truly horrific crime has been committed. These things will remain.

“It is true though that uncertainty creates weakness; knowledge and certainty give strength, and for this reason our need for answers, for the truth, is essential.

“We are grateful for the ongoing work and commitment of the UK, Portuguese and German authorities as it is this combined police effort which will yield results and bring us those answers.”

McCanns find ‘comfort’ in messages of support

They then thanked their supporters.

“As always, we would like to thank all of our supporters for their continued good wishes and support.

“It is a huge comfort to know that regardless of time passed, Madeleine is still in people’s hearts and minds. Thank you.”

They also shared a picture from Winnie the Pooh and a quote from the author AA Milne.

It read: “But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.”

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