Viewers amazed by X Factor finalist’s transformation on celebrity makeover show

She was unrecognisable

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O to the M to the G you won’t believe what Honey G looks like thanks to a sophisticated makeover.

The rapper found fame on The X Factor in 2016 where every week she performed in her trademark tracksuit, baseball cap and sunglasses.

Now viewers have been able to see the woman behind the alter ego after the performer, whose real name is Anna Gilford, appeared on a celebrity version of Channel 5’s 100% Hotter.

The makeover show asks the public to rate someone’s look before and after their stylists have worked with them on their hair, make-up and clothes, with the aim of making them “100% hotter” in the eyes of the majority.

With Honey G, they swapped her garish casual clothes for a sleek black jumpsuit and banished her shades to show off her eyes with some smokey make-up.

The cap was also binned to allow her usual straight locks to flow, adding extensions to create more volume and curls.

The team did allow Honey G to keep some of her old self in her glam new look by embracing her penchant for gold by giving her heels in the shade and a gold necklace.

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When the rapper was finally allowed to see how she looked, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Standing in front of a mirror with hairdresser Daniel K Palmer, she said: “Wow, Oh My God, I never thought I’d look like this, this is crazy!”

Taking a closer look at her new image, she added: “I feel like a different woman. This is a side of me I have never seen in my whole life, I don’t know what to say!”

Viewers at home agreed that the transformation was unbelievable and they would never have recognised her as The X Factor star.

One said on Twitter: “OMG how amazing did Honey G look. Get rid of them gigs and cap now love!”

Another agreed that she was “so much better looking” now while an amazed third person commented: “looking fantastic on Celebrity 100% Hotter…. I couldn’t believe it!”

Someone else pointed out: “Honey G looks like she could be Meghan Trainor’s mum. In a good way.”

Honey G’s appearance on the makeover show comes as she was rumoured to be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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However, she wasn’t part of the all-female line-up when the show was launched earlier this week. And nobody would have recognised her if she was if she’s kept her new style!

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