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Friday 13th December 2019

The One Show forced to apologise as Sir Michael Caine swears live on air


Hosts of The One Show, Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon, were forced to apologise last night, when a guest blurted out a rather rude word live on air.

On Wednesday (May 29), actor Sir Michael Caine appeared on the chat show to discuss his new memoir Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life.

Michael Caine let a naughty word slip out! (Credit: BBC)

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But the presenters - and those watching from home - got more than they bargained for when the 86-year-old forgot the first lesson of live TV... Don't swear!

Angela - who is covering Alex Jones' maternity leave - had to hurriedly apologise when Michael got carried away telling an anecdote about what happened to him while filming the biggest flop of his career, The Swarm.

Although he admitted that the film wasn't a success, he revealed he learnt a lot from working on the movie.

My name is Michael Caine (Credit: BBC)

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He said: "I got a lot of lessons, and I got one strange lesson because I got a lot of bees above us one time.

"Me and Henry Fonda were doing a scene, and there were all these bees up there, and the beekeeper was keeping them up because they were supposed to descend on us and the stunt people would take over.

Loving Sir Michael Caine's potty mouth on The One Show.

"And as we were talking, we both noticed little specs of black on our shirts. And we looked up, and the bees were [bleeping] on us."

Matt and Angela couldn't help but laugh at the funny story (Credit: BBC)

As the audience erupted into laughter at Michael's undoubtedly funny story, it was down to Angela to apologise for their guest's choice of words.

"Sorry for the language. Sorry about that," she quickly interjected, while The Dark Knight star Michael said: "They can cut that out."

Matt, meanwhile, reminded Michael to talk as if he was "with his grandkids".

Michael has three grandchildren and admitted they were the love of his life.

Fans at home saw the funny side of the mishap, with one joking: "This just happened live on The One Show. Long live Sir Michael Caine."

Another said: "I could listen to Michael Caine's stories all day long! Plus I don't mind if he swears."

A third typed: "Loving Sir Michael Caine's potty mouth on The One Show."

"Michael Caine is breaking all the broadcasting rules and I love it," added another, while one more wrote: "Michael Caine running riot on #TheOneShow, absolutely brilliant!"

In fact, despite the rude word, Michael seemed to be adored by the audience who called him a "legend" and declared they "loved him".

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