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Saturday 29th February 2020

The One Show accidentally flashed a rude word on screen during live show

Naughty, naughty!

The One Show viewers were "shocked" and "stunned" after the BBC series accidentally flashed an expletive up on screen last night.

On Thursday night's live edition of the talk show (17 January), fans were taken aback when a very rude word appeared in print during an unscripted segment about a world-record-breaking egg.

Yes, it must have been a slow news day!

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Matt Allwright told viewers about the world-record-breaking egg, who set up its own Instagram page hoping to "set a world record and get the most liked post on Instagram".

If achieved, the egg would beat the current world record held by Kylie Jenner at 18 million.

However, as they followed the egg's progress on social media, a profanity popped up on screen pre-watershed! Slapped wrists guys!

Oops - Alex and Matt were involved in a live blunder! (Credit: BBC)

Had to do a double take and rewind.. thought I read that right #theoneshow.

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As they scrolled through the comments, one by boxer Mike Tyson said: "Stop sending me this [bleep]."

Due to the live nature of the show, the rude word was not blanked out and The One Show viewers were quick to express their opinion on the matter!

One tweeted: "Shocked, stunned, horrifically traumatised...swearing. In print. On #TheOneShow. The BBC, going downhill, etc. Outrageous."

Another said: "Had to do a double take and rewind.. thought I read that right #theoneshow."

A third said: "@BBCTheOneShow did you mean to show this on @BBCOne #primetimetv #theoneshow #oneshow #naughtyswear."

Despite the furore, clearly not the egg's fault, he/she did manage to get 48,187,819 million likes, making it Instagram's most successful post to date - beating Kylie with more than double the likes.

The mistake comes just a day after another BBC blunder, when subtitles claimed Michael Gove didn't want "Batman" to be Prime Minister when really he had called Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "that man".

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