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Friday 15th November 2019

Victoria Beckham's unexpected style statement

Could this shady look be the making of a new VB?

Victoria Beckham has taught us many a fashion lesson over the years: firstly, the former Posh Spice has cast aside her top-to-toe black attire since launching her own fashion label, reminding us how much fun it is to experiment with bright colours.

She is also singlehandedly responsible for bringing back the glittery shoe, when she debuted them in her bi-annual catwalk show last year.

However, the 44-year-old's latest sartorial statement took us by total surprise; mainly because it featured something we never thought we’d see her wear.

Victoria Beckham’s style trademark is undoubtedly her dark, over-sized sunglasses. Come rain or shine, day or night, indoors or outdoors, nine times out of 10, she’ll be shielding her peepers behind a pair of blackout shades.

However, it seems VB has turned a new leaf, and is now attempting to bring back an extremely retro trend: transparent navigators.

Victoria captioned the picture: My Classic Navigator Frames (Credit: Instagram)

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More commonly referred to as aviators, they’re the latest eyewear silhouette to grace Victoria Beckham’s namesake line of sunglasses, but with a barely-there tinted lens, they feel significantly more throwback than any of her previous design efforts.

Victoria posted a snap of herself wearing a pair of navigators to her Instagram, proclaiming them ‘classic’, which seems fitting, considering the style dates back to the 1930s, specifically, ’36.

They were first designed by glassmakers Bausch and Lomb specifically for aircraft pilots, hence their aviator and navigator name. Later, Bausch and Lomb would trademark their sunglasses as ‘Ray-Bans’; a designer we all know today.

Of course, the aviator has been adopted by hoards of other brands over the years, and it seems that Victoria Beckham was also inspired by the bygone style.

There’s no hiding a bad night’s sleep behind these sunglasses, and we couldn’t help but notice how fresh-faced the mother of four and wife of former footballer and doting dad, David Beckham, looked underneath her sepia-toned lenses.

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Many of her fans couldn’t help but notice that the sunglasses seemed to transport her back to her early ‘90s, Spice Girls self. One quipped; ‘these give you a major Posh throwback vibe’, while another proclaimed; ‘these have to be the coolest sunglasses EVER’.

While Victoria’s navigator sunglasses are yet to land on her website, we estimate they’ll be around the £265 mark. Ouch. Especially if you’re anything like us and likely to sit on them the second day of your holiday…

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