Where has Zak Dingle been in Emmerdale? Steve Halliwell returns this week

The Zak Dingle actor has been away since last year

Emmerdale’s Zak Dingle returns to screens tonight after actor Steve Halliwell took a break from the show.

Zak’s last appearance in Emmerdale was in September last year.

Fans have been wondering where Zak Dingle has been in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Where has Zak Dingle been in Emmerdale?

Zak Dingle left Emmerdale last year.

Steve Halliwell, who plays Zak, took a six month break from filming after a heart operation in 2018.

He subsequently took another six month break last year, but was back filming with the soap earlier in 2020.

Zak was not part of the ‘who shot Graham Foster‘ storyline and soap bosses didn’t want Steve’s return overshadowed by that.

Aaron leaves Emmerdale
Aaron will comeback to Emmerdale tonight (Credit: ITV)

Is Zak Dingle returning to Emmerdale alone?

He will return to the village accompanied by Aaron Dingle for the triple christening of Chas and Paddy’s baby Eve, David’s baby Theo, and Victoria’s son Harry.

Zak and Aaron have been in Scotland with Debbie Dingle.

Last year was particularly tough for Zak after his wife Lisa Dingle died on their wedding day.

Lisa had been battling an incurable heart condition. She returned to Emmerdale to die surrounded by her loved ones.

Zak eventually left for Scotland to deal with his grief.

Lisa had left Debbie a garage in her will and Zak went to stay with his granddaughter in order to come to terms with the loss of his wife.

Why did Aaron leave Emmerdale?

Aaron had to leave when it all became too much (Credit: ITV)

Aaron left in January after going off the rails following his husband Robert’s incarceration.

Robert was sent to prison for murder after he killed Lee Posner. Lee had raped Robert’s sister Victoria.

Robert cut all ties with his family after he was transferred to a prison on the Isle of Wight.

Aaron lost the plot, sleeping with random men and not looking after his family.

One of his hook-ups tried to rob Aaron. He left the village to get his head together and also ended up in Scotland with Zak and Debbie.

Why is Zak returning?

Zak and Aaron return to Emmerdale for the christening of Eve, Harry and Theo (Credit: ITV)

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Zak and Aaron will return tonight for the christening of baby Eve – Aaron’s half-sister and Zak’s great-niece.

However, things are fraught between the family after Paddy left Eve alone in a car last week.

Paddy was helping his best friend Marlon, who was having a heart attack, and as he took him into hospital it totally slipped his mind that Eve was in the back on the vehicle.

When he remembered and rushed to find his daughter, she had gone.

Eve was found safe and well, but Chas was distraught over what happened.

Social services are now involved and with Paddy beating himself up over the incident, it looks like Chas and Paddy’s romance is on the rocks.

What better time for Uncle Zak to make an appearance and help bring the family back together?

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