Will Honey and Jay end up together in EastEnders?

Honey and Jay recently kissed

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Honey and Jay recently shared a kiss in EastEnders. But could it lead to a relationship?

Over the last few months, the two have grown closer, especially as they spent time together during lockdown.

Last week, Jay came to Honey’s rescue when disaster struck at the Christmas event she had organised.

Honey and Jay kissed (Credit: BBC)

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As the two got talking in Walford East, they ended up sharing a kiss.

However when Jay’s father figure and Honey’s ex-husband Billy Mitchell walked in, he was shocked by what he had seen.

Will Honey and Jay end up together in EastEnders?

Jay and Honey apologised to Billy and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

In tonight’s episode of the BBC soap (Tuesday, December 29) Honey tried to convince Billy to forgive Jay for what happened.

Billy decided to forgive them both and invited Jay to move back in with him.

Billy is Honey’s ex-husband (Credit: BBC)

However later, Honey went to see Jay in the car lot and told him she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

She explained she first developed feelings for him in lockdown, but worried what others may think.

When Jay said he couldn’t betray Billy, Honey said she was sick of being told what she could and couldn’t do by men.

Honey told him she wanted to give a relationship a try, but Jay refused, not wanting to hurt Billy.

Are Honey and Jay related?

Whilst Honey and Jay are not blood related, they were both connected to the Mitchell’s.

Billy has been a father-figure to Jay and fostered him after the death of Jay’s dad Jase.

Billy has treated Jay like his own son (Credit: BBC)

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Honey and Billy married in 2006 and she became a part of the Mitchell family.

However Honey and Billy split up a few years ago when she discovered he cheated on her with Tina Carter.

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