Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street

Who was Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street? How did he die?

He terrorised wife Yasmeen for months and did some terrible things

Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street was the fun-loving magician and hospital radio DJ, who turned out to be a sinister, controlling domestic abuser.

He was Tim Metcalfe’s dad and Faye Windass’s grandfather. He was husband to Yasmeen Nazir and also to Tim’s mum, Elaine Jones.

And though he appeared to be a jovial local celeb when he first arrived in the Street, he later revealed himself to be a nasty bit of work.

When will Geoff be exposed in Coronation Street Fans want him to get his comeuppance
Geoff was all smiles when he first arrived in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Who played Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street?

Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street was played by well-loved Brit telly actor Ian Bartholomew. He first appeared on screen back in the 1980s with roles in Bergerac, Minder and The Darling Buds of May.

Ian didn’t like his kids seeing Geoff be so mean to Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

He continued to act in all sorts of dramas including Spooks, Holby Blue, Maigret and New Blood, as well as having a long and varied career on the stage.

In 2018 he joined Coronation Street as Geoff.

Off-screen Ian is happily married to theatre director Loveday Ingram and the couple have two teenage children.

Ian said his children didn’t like to watch him being so cruel to poor Yasmeen when he played Geoff!

Geoff’s abuse of Yasmeen

Geoff wasn’t physically abusive and he didn’t hit Yasmeen – but he frightened her badly in an attempt to keep control of her life.

He forced her to clean the house to a very high standard, controlled their money and made her work to a strict budget. And he even set up cameras around the house to keep an eye on what she was doing when he wasn’t there.

Geoff made Yasmeen’s life very difficult (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya Nazir didn’t like Geoff but he made her life so difficult she moved out of the house, and he also bought into Speed Daal so that Alya didn’t have full control of the business.

At a magic show, when Yasmeen got stuck in a box, Geoff became famous on the internet for his response. He became known as ‘jiggle-it Geoff’ and he was furious about it.

Geoff then took his anger out on Yasmeen and stepped up his abuse. He staged a burglary, told everyone Yas was an alcoholic and, in shocking scenes, he even killed Yasmeen’s chicken Charlotte Bronte and fed it to his wife.

Yasmeen attacks Geoff Metcalfe in Coronation Street

In May 2020, Geoff threatened a terrified Yas with a knife. She fought back with a broken wine bottle and stabbed him in the neck.

Coronation Street Yasmeen kills Geoff?
Yasmeen fought back (Credit: ITV)

Geoff was taken to hospital where he played the victim and Yasmeen was arrested.

She spent several months in prison waiting for her trial, and suffered a heart attack too, but eventually thanks to Geoff’s ex-wife Elaine giving evidence, Yas was found not guilty.

Geoff was angry and vowed to take revenge on the women he hated so much.

Death for Geoff!

Angry Geoff wanted half of Yasmeen’s house but when she refused he set out for revenge. He set fire to the house though Alya and Yas managed to escape through a skylight and on to the roof.

Geoff climbed out in pursuit but lost his footing and fell. Though Yasmeen tried to help him, he plunged to his death, surrounded by Yas’s chickens.

Coronation Street viewers question how Yasmeen STILL hasn't found Geoff's hidden camera
Yasmeen’s looking forward to the future but is it going to end in tears? (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen has started to put his abuse behind her. She’s paid back his debts by selling her beloved community centre and is working hard at Speed Daal.

But now Zeedan is back with a plan to use the restaurant to launder money for his former father in law, it seems poor Yasmeen’s troubles are far from over!

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