Who plays Nina in Coronation Street? What else has actress Mollie Gallagher been in?

Nina came to the cobbles in 2019

Nina joined the cobbles in 2019. The character is fairly new to the cobbles, however it looks like we will get to see more of her in 2021. But who plays Nina in Coronation Street?

Who plays Nina in Corrie?

Nina is played by 23-year-old actress Mollie Gallagher.

Nina is Mollie’s first television acting role. However she has proved to be popular with viewers as she recently won the Inside Soap Award for Best Newcomer.

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Who is Nina? What is her connection to Roy?

Nina is Roy Cropper’s niece. In 2019, Roy discovered his mum Sylvia had an affair in the 1950s and fell pregnant with his younger brother Richard.

Richard was put up for adoption and, when Roy tracked his brother down, he reached out to him by playing online Scrabble.

Coronation Street Roy's niece Nina
Nina was first introduced in 2019. But the character has proved to be popular with fans (Credit: ITV)

When Roy met Richard in person, he discovered that he was terminally ill with pulmonary fibrosis and his daughter, Nina, had been taking care of him.

Richard died not long after meeting his half-brother. After her dad’s death, Nina eventually decided to come and live with Roy and live in his flat above the café.

What storylines are coming for Nina in 2021?

In 2021 it seems as if there is going to be a big storyline for Nina.

Recently Iain MacLeod spoke to Entertainment Daily and other media about her new storyline.

He said: “There will be a fantastic and unique love story for her that might not entirely end up where you might expect now.

There will be a fantastic and unique love story for her.

“I think if you were to sit there and pop down the bookies and put a bet on how you think her love story might play out, it probably won’t be like we’re going to do it. I hope it will be pleasantly surprising in the long run.”

A new love storyline for Nina will happen in 2021. But it seems like there will be a twist (Credit: ITV)

He added: “But essentially the love story will turn into a massive social issue story, that deals with things like the tolerance of people that are part of minority communities and that don’t look like everybody else.

“It will become I think a real talking point for next year and how does the world really view people like Nina in reality?”

A heart-breaking effect

Iain added: “When they’re on Coronation Street, all our characters sort of take them under their wing and viewers have taken her to their hearts.

But in reality, in the real world, if you don’t look like everybody else, sometimes that can be incredibly challenging.

Nina has made friends on the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

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“So we’re going to explore that a little bit in the show to a heart-breaking effect I hope.

“And also it will turn into a story that kind of draws in Roy and Abi and Kevin and just sort of becomes this huge, emotive community story with some of our favourite actors at the middle of it.”

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