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Who plays Courtney in Emmerdale? Lucy Farrar was in Coronation Street recently!

Courtney is Jordan's wife

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Emmerdale viewers met Courtney in tonight’s episode (Thursday, May 19) and she was appalled by Jordan’s behaviour.

But who is Courtney and who plays her?

Jordan is Courtney’s husband (Credit: ITV)

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Who is Courtney in Emmerdale?

Courtney is the wife of Jordan Greenlow.

Jordan was arrested last month and charged after he assaulted Billy Fletcher.

Jordan claimed it was self defence but Billy told police it was a racist attack.

Ethan was called in to be Jordan’s solicitor and was shocked to see Jordan’s victim was his neighbour Billy.

Ethan was torn about taking the case but decided to do it.

This week, Jordan showed up in the village and tried to intimidate Billy, telling him he’s in a gang.

In tonight’s episode, Ethan found out Jordan tried to intimidate Billy and Jordan came to his office with his wife Courtney.

When Ethan told Jordan and Courtney he could no longer defend Jordan, he was furious.

As Jordan’s latent racism started to become more apparent, Courtney was sickened and by her husband and walked out.

Who plays Courtney in Emmerdale?

Courtney is played by actress Lucy Farrar.

What has Lucy Farrar been in?

Emmerdale isn’t the first soap Lucy has appeared in.

In 2020 she played Imogen Tatum in seven episodes of Coronation Street and in 2014 she played Beth Shailes in Doctors.

In 2020 she also made an appearance in Endeavour playing Molly Andrews.

Imogen was horrible to Gemma (Credit: ITV)

Who was Imogen in Coronation Street?

Lucy’s character Imogen first appeared in Corrie when Gemma Winter attended a baby group with her quadruplets Aled, Bryn, Carys and Llio.

Gemma had a lack of confidence in her abilities as a mother and was struggling with postnatal depression.

At the baby group Gemma met Imogen and Vanessa. Vanessa seemed kind and was genuinely admirable towards Gemma for coping with four children at once, however Imogen soon showed her nasty side.

At baby yoga Gemma failed to overhear Imogen making fun of her for turning up in jeans.

Gemma cut off Imogen when she overheard her mean comments (Credit: ITV)

Imogen continued to make fun of Gemma when she split her jeans, however Gemma was unaware and believed she had made new friends.

When Gemma discovered she had been purposely left out from a mothers’ get-together at Imogen’s, she was hurt and her mother Bernie stormed in on the gathering.

The next day Vanessa felt bad and invited Gemma for lunch at Speed Daal with her and Imogen.

However when Gemma overheard Imogen making more nasty comments, she had a go at the two women and stormed out.

Last year Vanessa got back in contact with Gemma, apologising for her behaviour, explaining after her husband left her, Imogen cut her off as a friend.

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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