Graham Foster in Emmerdale

Who played Graham Foster in Emmerdale and who killed him?

What was his relationship to Kim Tate?

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Graham Foster in Emmerdale was Joe Tate’s mysterious mentor with a tragic backstory, brooding good looks, and a whole lot of secrets.

And he was the centre of one of the show’s biggest ever whodunnits when he came to a sticky end.

So who was Graham Foster and what were the secrets he was keeping?

Graham Foster and Joe Tate connection

Emmerdale fans first met Graham Foster when Joe Tate arrived – claiming to be businessman Tom Waterford.

Joe was wooing Debbie Dingle, dazzling her with his money and lavish gifts, while plotting to bulldoze the Dingles’ family home to build a golf course.

Graham was Joe’s right-hand man (Credit: ITV)

Former soldier Graham was Joe’s right-hand man but though at first he appeared to be on board with the dastardly plans, he actually sided with the Dingles.

In heroic fashion, Graham stopped the demolition of Wishing Well Cottage at the 11th hour, and even rescued Noah and Samson Dingle, who were trapped.

His bravery won him a lot of fans in the village and among Emmerdale viewers.

And when he helped Ross Barton in the aftermath of his horrific acid attack, fans were so thrilled with his heroism that there were even rumours that Graham was a James Bond style secret agent.

Graham Foster and Kim Tate

The truth about Graham was less dramatic than fans had predicted, but still surprising. When Kim Tate returned to Emmerdale, it turned out she was the one pulling her strings and that she and Graham were married!

Graham and Kim were married (Credit: ITV)

It was revealed that the pair had been in a relationship for years, after meeting in Emmerdale some time in the 1990s and Graham’s life was really very messy indeed – thanks to Kim.

Graham’s tragic family

Graham showed his vulnerable side when he started drinking heavily on the anniversary of his wife’s death.

Eventually his complicated backstory was revealed. Viewers learned that he’d driven his heavily pregnant wife home from her baby shower after drinking too much whisky.

He’d crashed the car and, instead of calling an ambulance, had phoned Kim for help (why?!). Tragically, the car exploded and Graham’s wife and unborn baby had been killed.

Graham made it through the ordeal of his wife’s death, with Kim’s help. She got him a job at Joe Tate’s school as a groundsman and he and Joe got close.

Graham and Joe Tate’s death

Kim wanted Graham to get rid of Joe – permanently. But instead, Graham told Joe everything and gave him £100,000 to leave. Just as Joe was about to go though, Cain Dingle appeared.

Joe seemed to be dead but actually he’s still alive (Credit: ITV)

Cain was on the warpath because Joe had jilted his daughter Debbie. Cain punched Joe, who fell and hit his head.

Graham checked for a pulse and found none, and heartbroken, said he would deal with the body.

Much later, viewers were thrilled when Kim discovered Joe was still alive. Will he ever return? We hope so!

Graham, Jamie Tate and Andrea Tate

When she was in prison, Kim tasked Graham with looking out for her son, Jamie. Graham – who was still drinking back then – passed the buck to a barmaid he knew called Andrea.

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Jamie and Andrea fell in love, married, and had a daughter called Millie.

But when the family arrived in Emmerdale – and Graham had started a relationship with Rhona Goskirk – it turned out Graham had a one-night-stand with Andrea and could be Millie’s dad.

Graham Andrea Emmerdale paternity
Graham thought he was the father of Andrea’s daughter, Millie (Credit: ITV)

A DNA test proved Graham wasn’t the father, but the damage was done.

Who killed Graham Foster in Emmerdale?

In January 2020, Priya Kotecha and Billy Fletcher found Graham murdered. The suspects lined up.

Marlon Dingle was in the frame, along with Jai Sharma, Charity Dingle, Rhona, Kim and many others.

Eastenders Graham Foster killed revealed
There were no shortage of suspects when Graham was murdered (Credit: ITV)

As the evidence stacked up against poor Marlon, he was thrown into prison. The Dingles and Rhona rallied round to prove his innocence.

Eventually, it was revealed that Rhona’s ex-husband, rapist Pierce Harris, was the one who’d struck the fatal blow.

Marlon was released, and Pierce was sent back to jail.

Graham was cremated by Kim secretly. She was the only mourner at his funeral.

Who played Graham in Emmerdale?

Graham was played by actor Andrew Scarborough, who was born on November 30, 1973.

He was already well-loved by ITV viewers thanks to his portrayal of Tim Drewe in Downton Abbey.

He also played on-off character Harvey Reuben in Coronation Street in the early noughties.

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