Who is Pete Barton in Emmerdale? What’s his history with Priya and Debbie?

Pete left the village last year

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Pete was in Emmerdale from 2013 until 2020. But who is he and what’s his history with Priya Sharma and Debbie Dingle?

In tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale (Thursday, January 14) Debbie discovers her boyfriend Al is engaged to Priya.

Debbie told Priya that Al had been cheating on them both. At one point, Priya said it’s payback for when she slept with Pete, when he was engaged to Leyla.

Charley Webb in Emmerdale as Debbie Dingle
Debbie and Priya mentioned their history with Pete (Credit: ITV)

But Debbie reminded Priya she also has history with Pete…

Who is Pete in Emmerdale?

Pete is the son of James and Emma Barton. He has two full-brothers Ross and Finn Barton.

He is also the cousin of Matty and Holly. It was originally believed Adam was the son of James’ brother John Barton. However it was revealed in 2014 that Moira had cheated on John with James in the early 90s.

Pete is part of the Barton family (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

A DNA test proved Adam was James’s son, making him Pete, Ross and Finn’s half-brother.

During his time in the village, Pete had to deal with the death of both of his parents and Finn.

Pete’s relationship with Debbie

After Ross and Pete arrived in Emmerdale, they both found themselves fighting for Debbie Dingle’s attention.

Debbie started dating Pete and they eventually got engaged. In June 2015, Charity unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy in prison.

Debbie became the guardian to her little brother, who was named Moses by the Dingle family. She soon began having an affair with Ross, unaware he is the father of Moses.

Debbie had an affair with Pete’s brother Ross (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Pete and Debbie planned to marry in August 2015, but a few days before the wedding, Debbie and Ross were going to run away together.

Their plan was discovered by Debbie’s dad Cain, who revealed that Ross is the father of Moses.

At this point, Pete knew nothing about the affair and Debbie stayed in the village and went ahead with the wedding.

But at the wedding reception, Pete discovered Debbie and Ross’s affair when recording of Ross and Debbie talking about their relationship was accidentally played instead of the music for their first dance.

Pete was furious with Debbie, but a few moments later a helicopter crashed into the wedding reception, killing guests Val Pollard and Ruby Haswell.

Pete and Priya

He went on to get engaged to Leyla Harding. However one day Priya went to Tug Ghyll, looking for Leyla as she needed someone to talk to about her relationship troubles with Rakesh.

Pete cheated on Leyla with her best friend Priya (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Pete offered to listen and help. But as the two began talking, they ended up kissing and sleeping together.

They ended up sleeping together a few times. Pete couldn’t go through with the wedding to Leyla and eventually the truth came out that he had been cheating.

Leaving the village

Pete went on to get engaged to Rhona Goskirk. However after being on and off for a year, they split up.

He then briefly had a relationship with Tracy Metcalfe, but they both agreed they were better off as friends.

Pete soon decided he needed a fresh started and decided to go stay with Ross and Ross’s girlfriend Rebecca in Liverpool.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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