Who is Paul Foreman in Coronation Street? When was he groomed?

He's had a troubled past but is that all behind him?

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Paul Foreman in Coronation Street is the twinkly-eyed former con, with a kind heart and a troubled past.

He’s Gemma Winter‘s twin brother, son of Bernie Winter, and uncle to Gemma’s quads.

So what’s his story?

Who plays Paul Foreman in Coronation Street?

Paul Foreman is played by actor Peter Ash.

Before landing the role in Corrie, Peter had been in television shows including Hollyoaks, The Street and The Royal, as well as starring as Darius Fry in Footballers’ Wives.

Paul’s a popular addition to the Street (Credit: ITV)

Peter, who’s a born and bred Mancunian, lives in the city with his girlfriend of three years, Amy, who recently qualified as a nurse.

And he is a proud dad to his 12-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Early days in prison

Paul was first seen in Coronation Street when he shared a prison cell with David Platt, who had been put behind bars for beating up Gary Windass.

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When Paul was released he came to Weatherfield looking for his estranged sister, Gemma Winter.

Paul Foreman David Platt jail
Paul and David met in prison (Credit: ITV)

David helped him find his feet and introduced him to vicar Billy Mayhew.

Gemma wasn’t thrilled to see Paul. He had taken the blame for a crime she’d committed as a teen and she was worried he would spill the beans.

But the pair eventually put their differences aside.

Romance with Billy

Paul began a romance with Billy and the unlikely couple seemed to really love each other, despite their differences.

But when Paul’s ex, Todd, came back to Coronation Street things took a nasty turn.

Todd was determined to win Billy back and started a sneaky campaign against poor Paul.

Todd manipulated poor Paul in a horrible way (Credit: ITV)

He eventually managed to split up Billy and Paul, alienate poor Paul from Billy’s daughter Summer, and weasel his way back into Billy’s affections.

But Billy’s former teen accomplice, Will, was his undoing. Paul managed to record Will and Todd talking about the things they’d done to set Paul up, and hoodwink poor oblivious Billy.

Paul played the incriminating video for the whole Street (Credit: ITV)

And then he played the video to the shocked Street.

Needless to say, Billy and Todd broke up, but – so far -Paul’s not rekindled his romance with the bumbling vicar.

When was Paul abused? Who groomed him?

When Bernie’s ex, Kel Hinchley, arrived in Coronation Street, Paul reacted badly.

Billy  – who was Paul’s boyfriend at the time – was worried about him. When Paul revealed he and Kel had a sexual relationship when he was a teen, Billy gently pointed out that it had been abuse.

Billy supported Paul as he came to terms with his abuse (Credit: ITV)

It took Paul a while to come to terms with the awful truth and he beat Kel up badly.

But when the full story came out, Billy, Bernie and Gemma all supported him.

When Kel was found dead in the canal, Paul was relieved. But he was shocked to see Billy had thought he was responsible for his abuser’s accidental death.

Paul is sure Daniel is guilty (Credit: ITV)

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What’s next for Paul?

Paul remains close to Summer Spellman, who Billy is the guardian of, and when he finds out about the accusations she’s been having an affair with her teacher, Daniel Osbourne, he takes action.

Despite Summer assuring him Daniel is entirely innocent, when she confides in Paul she and Daniel connected emotionally, but because he’s a teacher he couldn’t act on it, Paul is immediately suspicious.

Because of his past history, Paul is convinced Daniel was grooming Summer and calls the police. It’s understandable he’d feel so strongly about it all, but he’s got the wrong end of the stick on this occasion.

Summer is absolutely fuming when the cops come knocking and lays into Paul for his actions. She points out Daniel had a girlfriend all along and Paul is totally off the mark.

Will he realise the mistake he’s made and help to clear Daniel’s name?

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