Who is Manpreet’s daughter in Emmerdale? What happened to Aiesha?

Manpreet mentioned her daughter last night

Manpreet’s daughter Aiesha appeared in Emmerdale on and off from July 2018 to April 2019. But what happened to her?

In last night’s episode of the ITV soap (Thursday, January 28) it was revealed whilst Manpreet was married to her first husband Dennis, she was having an affair with Charles.

Manpreet’s daughter is mentioned in Emmerdale

Charles had no idea Manpreet, who he knew as Saira, was married and had a daughter. He and Manpreet were together for two years. But on their wedding day, Manpreet never showed up.

Manpreet mentioned she couldn’t leave her husband because she was scared of losing her daughter (Credit: ITV)

Charles looked for ‘Saira’ but wasn’t able to find her until he arrived in Emmerdale 15 years later.

Manpreet explained to Charles she couldn’t leave Dennis at the time because she feared losing her daughter. But where is Aiesha now?

Who is Manpreet’s daughter in Emmerdale?

Aiesha is the only daughter of Manpreet and Dennis. She is Rishi’s stepdaughter and stepsister to Priya, Jai and Nikhil.

Aiesha was played by actress Shila Iqbal.

The character first appeared in July 2018. Manpreet and Rishi set Aiesha and Jai up on a double date date, but this was secretly so they could spend more time together.

Aiesha first appeared in 2018 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Aiesha wanted another date, but Jai wasn’t interested. She left the village in August 2018, but returned in March the following year when Manpreet and Rishi revealed they got married in Vegas.

She stayed in the village for about a month before deciding to go to Ibiza, which is where the character still is.

Who is actress Shila Iqbil? Was she axed from the soap?

Before her role in Emmerdale, Shila appeared in a few short films and a TV series Playhouse Presents.

Shila was brought back in to Emmerdale in 2019 as a regular character.

However it wasn’t long before she was axed from the show.

In April 2019, offensive historical social media posts came to light. In 2013, the actress posted a series of racist tweets when she was 19 and a student.

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Afterwards, an Emmerdale spokesperson confirmed Shila had left the soap.

They said: “As a consequence of historical social media posts, Shila Iqbal has left her role as Aiesha Richards on Emmerdale.

“The programme took the decision not to renew her contract as soon as these posts were brought to the company’s attention.”

Shila’s apology

After the news broke, Aiesha apologised for the tweets saying: “I am terribly sorry and take full responsibility for my use of such inappropriate language…

“I have paid the price and can no longer continue the job I loved the most at Emmerdale.

“Although I was young when I made the tweets, it was still completely wrong of me to do so and I sincerely apologise…

Shila was axed from the soap (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

“‘The only consideration I would ask is that I have recently received hateful tweets telling me that as a Muslim my Emmerdale role means that I am ‘committing sinful acts, promoting sin and deliberately going against the Quran’.

“We live in sensitive times for members of all communities and especially those in multi-racial Rochdale where I grew up…

Shila Iqbal appeared on This Morning after being sacked (Credit: ITV)

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“I regret that I too have let people down by the use of such language, albeit six years ago.

“I, like everyone else, have a responsibility about the language I have used on social media as well as in conversation.”

What is Shila Iqbal up to now?

It appears Shila is still acting. Last year she played Mixie Bennett in an episode of Doctors.

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