Who is Lucas’ son in EastEnders? What happened to Jordan Johnson?

Jordan was last seen in 2016

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On EastEnders Christmas Day, killer Lucas Johnson and his daughter Chelsea Fox returned to Walford.

In last night’s episode of the BBC soap (Tuesday, December 29) Lucas was confronted by Phil Mitchell, who warned him to keep away from Denise.

As Phil didn’t want Lucas anywhere near Denise or his son Raymond, Lucas was quick to remind Phil that his oldest son Ben put his son Jordan in hospital.

Lucas mentioned his son Jordan (Credit: BBC)

But who is Lucas’s son Jordan and what happened to him?

Who is Lucas’s son Jordan in EastEnders?

Jordan is the son of Lucas and his ex-wife Trina. He is also the paternal half-brother of Chelsea.

He first appeared in 2008, played by actor Michael-Joel David Stuart, when Lucas introduced him to Denise.

Jordan first appeared in 2008 (Credit: BBC)

In 2009, Lucas discovered the body of his mother Trina, who had been killed by Lucas in Charlie Slater’s allotment shed.

However Lucas didn’t know Trina was his mother until after her death, when Lucas broke the news to him and told him Trina’s death was accidental.

Later, he was the best man at Lucas and Denise’s wedding.

What happened between Ben Mitchell and Jordan?

In 2010 Ben burnt his sister Louise’s hand and locked her in a summerhouse.

Originally Louise claimed Jordan was responsible but when Phil found out the truth, Ben told his dad that Jordan had been bullying him.

Phil told his son to fight back and Ben ended up seriously injuring Jordan.

Ben attacked Jordan (Credit: BBC)

Later Ben and Jordan were sent to work on a car engine together in an attempt to get them to bond. However when Jordan started picking on Ben once again, Ben pushed him to the ground.

He then picked up a spanner and told Jordan:” You need slapping down.”

Ben fractured Jordan’s skull and he ended up in hospital. Ben went to court for the attack and was sentenced to eight months in juvenile detention.

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Jordan’s 2016 return

In 2016, Jordan returned to Walford, played by Jovian Wade. He had been release on bail after being involved in a knife attack and used Denise’s address.

Despite Denise tracking her former stepson down and him warning her to leave him alone, things changed after he was beaten by a gang when he went to leave.

Jordan returned to Walford in 2016 (Credit: BBC)

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Denise later discovered Jordan had been living in a squat and had a son named JJ.

Jordan told Denise that JJ’s mum and his girlfriend Amelle died from a drug overdose and Jordan inherited her debt.

However it later transpired that Jordan lied about Amelle’s death. JJ went to live with his mum when Jordan was arrested for trying to help his dad, Lucas, escape from prison.

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