Who is Kirsty Soames in Coronation Street and where is she now?

Actress Natalie recently spoke about whether she would return to the soap

Kirsty Soames was in Coronation Street from 2011 until 2013. But who is she and where is she now?

Earlier this week Tyrone and his fiancée Fiz split up after many years together.

Tyrone confessed to her that he is in love with Alina Pop.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap (Wednesday, April 7) Chesney went round to see his sister, Fiz.

Tyrone and Fiz split up (Credit: ITV)

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He was quick to point out that she helped Tyrone when he was in an abusive relationship with Kirsty Soames and that she even ended up raising Kirsty’s child as her own.

But who is Kirsty Soames and what happened to her?

Kirsty Soames in Coronation Street: Who is she?

Kirsty first appeared in Coronation Street in September 2011.

Tommy Duckworth met Kirsty when on a night out with Tyrone and Kirk. Tommy paid Kirsty to flirt with Ty to boost his self-esteem.

Ty planned a date with Kirsty. Eventually Tommy confessed what he did and Tyrone was gutted. But Kirsty arrived on Tyrone’s doorstep saying she genuinely liked him.

Kirsty abused Tyrone (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Kirsty soon got into a feud with Tyrone’s friend and housemate Tina McIntyre. Soon Kirsty ended up moving in with Tyrone, but she soon proved to be violent.

She ended up being physically abusive towards Tyrone and would throw things a him.

However after, she would always apologise and assure Tyrone that she loved him.

Kirsty soon fell pregnant and gave birth to baby girl Ruby in 2012.

Kirsty Soames in Coronation Street: Blaming Tyrone for domestic abuse

Tyrone proposed to Kirsty to try and get custody of Ruby, as Kirsty left his name off the birth certificate.

Kirsty’s abuse and manipulation continued to get worse and soon Tyrone embarked on a secret affair with Fiz.

But on Kirsty’s hen night, she discovered Tyrone’s secret phone and the messages between him and Fiz.

Kirsty discovered Tyrone and Fiz had been seeing each other behind her back (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

On her wedding day she revealed to everyone that Tyrone had been seeing Fiz.

Later back at the house, Tyrone attempted to get Ruby but when Kirsty tried to hit him she fell down the stairs.

Eileen and Julie went round to see if everything was okay and found Tyrone at the top of the stairs and Kirsty at the bottom. She accused Tyrone of abusing her.

Kirsty Soames in Coronation Street: Where is she now?

Fiz and Tina knew Kirsty was lying about Tyrone abusing her and tried to convince Kirsty’s mum Alison to get Kirsty to tell the truth.

Kirsty admitted to her mum that Tyrone wasn’t abusing her.

Kirsty confessed she was the one abusing Tyrone (Credit: ITV)

Whilst Tyrone’s trial was going on, Kirsty ended up losing her temper with her friend Julie after discovering she left Ruby in the care of Sally Metcalfe.

Kirsty hit Julie and later lost her temper with baby Ruby, who was crying. She screamed at her daughter, but soon realised her baby wouldn’t be safe with her as she couldn’t control her anger.

Kirsty took Ruby to court and admitted she lied about Tyrone abusing her. Tyrone was released and Kirsty was taken into custody.

The former police officer went to prison and was released 12 months later.

Kirsty went to prison for 12 months (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2014, Fiz and Tyrone began receiving harassing text messages and believed they were from Kirsty.

However police discovered the texts were coming from a UK number and Kirsty was out of the country.

In 2017, it was revealed Kirsty was still living abroad.

Will she ever return?

Kirsty was played by actress Natalie Gumede.

Recently Natalie guest starred in McDonald & Dodds playing Deborah Winwick.

She was asked about her role on the soap in the lead up to her appearance on McDonald & Dodds.

She said: “Well this is my first job with my short hair.

“I used to be a big haired kind of gal, so I look very different.

Natalie Gumede as Deborah Winwick in McDonald & Dodds
Natalie recently appeared in McDonald & Dodds (Credit: ITV)

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“Kirsty was a long time ago now, but when you are in a show as popular as Coronation Street, it never fully goes away.

“That is one of my legacies, and I know as long as I am acting, that role will always come up! It’s no bad thing, but I think the daily recognition is not with me anymore.

“That is a nice place to be as a jobbing actor who can morph into different people without being too closely connected to one character.”

I think my time there was wonderful, but complete.

She added: “Would I go back to Corrie if they decided to bring Kirsty out of prison? I think my time there was wonderful, but complete.”

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