Who is Bradley Branning in EastEnders and how did he die?

Bradley died in February 2010

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Bradley Branning was in EastEnders from 2006 until 2010 but who was he and how did he die?

In tonight’s episode of the BBC soap (Thursday, February 18) Stacey told Max that she could see a look of her late husband Bradley in Abi Branning Jr.

She reminded him that it had been 11 years since Bradley died. But how did he die?

Who is Bradley Branning in EastEnders?

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Bradley is Max’s oldest child (Credit: BBC)

Bradley Branning is the biological son of Max Branning and Rachel Branning.

He first appeared in EastEnders in January 2006 moving in with his grandad Jim and step grandmother Dot.

When Bradley was young, Max cheated on his Rachel with Tanya. He eventually left her for Tanya, abandoning Rachel and Bradley.

Bradley first appeared in 2006 (Credit: BBC)

Max and Bradley reunited in 2006 when Max moved to Walford with Tanya and his two daughters, Bradley’s half-sisters Lauren and Abi.

Bradley married Stacey Slater. However she began an affair with Max which was exposed on Christmas Day 2007.

How did he die?

On Christmas Day 2007, Bradley found out Max and Stacey were having an affair (Credit: BBC)

Bradley and Stacey did eventually reunite.

In December 2009, Stacey told Bradley that she was pregnant, however she told him she was three months along, meaning the baby wasn’t Bradley’s.

After admitting to Bradley she was raped by Archie Mitchell, he stormed over to The Queen Vic and punched him. But the next day, Archie was found dead.

Archie’s daughter Ronnie told Stacey that her dad was sterile due to cancer treatment. This meant the father of her baby was Ryan Malloy, Whitney Dean’s brother.

Stacey was devastated by Bradley’s death (Credit: BBC)

Bradley admitted he killed Archie, but it was Stacey who killed him. The couple remarried and planned to go on the run.

However Becca Swanson called the police to tell them Bradley’s whereabouts.

During the live 25th anniversary episode, the couple tried to flee the Square but were spotted by the police.

Attempting to lead police away, Bradley climbed onto the roof of The Queen Vic and accidentally fell to his death.

Who played Bradley?

Bradley was played by actor Charlie Clements.

Charlie continued acting after leaving the BBC soap making appearances in Casualty, Crime Stories, Murdock Mysteries and Holby City.

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