Who dies in Emmerdale? Fans convinced it will be Harriet Finch

They're sure it will be the vicar

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Emmerdale fans are convinced Harriet Finch will the one who dies next week.

The ITV soap has revealed at least one person will die in next week’s episodes, while three will be left fighting for their lives.

Emmerdale fans think Harriet will die (Credit: ITV)

Unclear who dies in Emmerdale

Soap bosses have kept the identities of those affected hidden.

Fans are brimming with speculation about who could die, though, and now they think it will be Vicar Harriet.

Harriet has been seen to be struggling over the last year after the killing of corrupt cop DI Malone.

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She covered up his death for her stepdaughter, Dawn Taylor, but suffered a breakdown over it.

Viewers have watched recently as Harriet locked herself in the basement to try and atone for her crimes.

And now, they think she will die in harrowing circumstances next week.

Harriet and Dawn killed evil Malone (Credit: ITV)

One posted on Digital Spy Forms read: “Beginning to think Harriet – having apparently reconciled herself to what happened to Malone. Plus – having two vicars looks like one too many.”

A second agreed: “I’m starting to think this too. In one of the spoilers, it says Charles prepares for the funeral.

“Harriet would also fit the brief for the villagers mourning.”

A third said: “I think it will be Harriet too.”

Emmerdale plans major stunt for shock death

Emmerdale’s cast and crew have successfully filmed their biggest stunt since the COVID-19 pandemic began a year ago.

The vehicle stunt was filmed for real on the outskirts of the village where the programme is filmed in Leeds.

The crew also used green screen techniques to ensure they could shoot the scenes safely.

One of the characters involved in the stunt is Jimmy King (Credit: ITV)

On Mandy and Paul’s wedding day, it looks like disaster will strike.

Speaking about the stunt, producer Laura Shaw said: “For months now, we’ve been waiting for the appalling, horrible truth about Paul to [come out]. And of course, we always knew that we would want that truth to come out in a hugely dramatic and explosive way.

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“Shooting a colossal stunt with social distancing is no easy task and it took months of meticulous planning and the whole Emmerdale team, proudly pulling together, to enable us to successfully achieve what are undoubtedly, our most ambitious and spectacular episodes of the last year.

“It’s a highly charged, emotional, nail-biting, hold your breath week of Emmerdale, that promises to leave devastation in its wake and irrevocably change the lives of some of our most loved villagers.”

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