emmerdale farm shuts down

Where is Emmerdale filmed and can fans visit?

Is the Emmerdale location a real village, and can fans visit the places from their favourite TV show?

When Emmerdale first hit our TV screens in 1972, it was filmed in a real-life village in North Yorkshire called Arncliffe. But where is Emmerdale filmed now?

Emmerdale’s first home

The former Emmerdale location is nestled in one of the less well-known Yorkshire dales called Littondale.

But it was quite a distance from the ITV studios in Leeds, so in 1975 to cut costs, filming was shifted to another village, Esholt in West Yorkshire.

Emmerdale filmed in Esholt, West Yorkshire

Esholt was home to Beckindale village – which was renamed Emmerdale in 1994 after the dramatic plane crash – for 22 years.

Emmerdale Farm titles
Emmerdale Farm was filmed in a village in North Yorkshire when the show first began (Credit: ITV)

The pretty stone village became famous thanks to the show, and the Emmerdale location attracted many tourists. The local pub, which was called the Commercial Hotel was even renamed The Woolpack to attract fans.

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But by 1998, with Emmerdale’s popularity increasing and fans descending on the once quiet village in their droves, the local people were beginning to find it hard to live with.

A new home for Emmerdale

So filming was moved once again. This time to a replica village. Creative production crews lovingly recreated Esholt on the outskirts of Leeds, on the Harewood Estate. That’s where the exterior scenes are still filmed now.

emmerdale farm shuts down
Now the real-life village of Esholt has been recreated on the Harewood Estate not far from Leeds (Credit: ITV)

Inside scenes, though, are filmed at the ITV studios a few miles down the road. It makes for some tricky scheduling for everyone involved in the show from actors and camera crew to makeup artists and catering, but it gives the show a very authentic feel.

Scenes that take place in the fictional market town of Hotten are usually filmed in another nearby town called Otley.

Can fans visit where Emmerdale is filmed?

The Emmerdale exterior set isn’t open to the public but at weekends fans can take part in a walking tour round the interior sets at the ITV studios.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience lets fans have a seat on the Dingles’ famous sofa, have a go at lighting the set, and even browse in David’s shop.

Visitors can browse in David’s shop (Credit: ITV)

And several tour companies run trips to Otley and Esholt where viewers can have a drink in the pub – which is still called The Woolpack Inn.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience is closed at the moment due to Covid regulations but hopefully fans can visit all the familiar locations very soon.

Would you like to visit the places made famous by Emmerdale?

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