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When is Emmerdale on tonight? What’s happening on Thursday, November 25 2021

Is Meena dead?

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Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal Ben and Liv get into an argument.

However Meena ends up falling and slipping while trying to get the footage from the survival challenge.

But will she survive?

Emmerdale starts at 7pm tonight and is on for an hour.

Emmerdale spoilers: Ben finds suspicious footage

Ben finds the footage (Credit: ITV)

Ben learns he hasn’t got the job due to the survival challenge disaster.

A conversation with Billy leaves Ben annoyed about taking all the blame for the survival challenge.

Ben is fired up about taking all the blame and convinces Aaron to keep Jai distracted while he goes to the HOP to find some evidence that can clear his name.

At the Hide, Laurel is shocked to find Ben and Liv at each other’s throats, arguing over Aaron.

Ben reveals that Liv is drunk at work and Laurel is disappointed and sends her home.

Later Ben breaks back into the HOP office and Ben is at a loss after failing to find any new evidence on the bridge collapse.

Ben finally turns on the body camera and is horrified as watches shaky footage of someone attempting to drown Victoria.

Ben calls Billy and begs him to come to the HOP and see the footage but Billy is still annoyed and refuses.

Unbeknownst to Ben, Meena is sat with Billy and has heard about the potentially incriminating evidence.

Ben and Liv fight

Liv and Ben argue (Credit: ITV)

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Ben is soon interrupted by a noise and finds Liv amongst smashed wine bottles as she drunkenly steals booze from the Hide.

Ben orders her home, unaware they’re being watched by another intruder.

Ben’s left regretful after his continued confrontation with Liv gets physical and she ends up leaving with his phone.

Meena dies?

Meena slips and falls (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Ben is surprised and unnerved when a smiling Meena turns up at the office.

Meena lunges to grab the camera from him but fails to get it from him as he heads off with it.

Meena chases him but slips in the wine that Liv spilled earlier.

As Meena lies lifeless on the floor, panicked Ben has no idea what to do.

Later outside the HOP, Lydia is left disturbed after an encounter with a drunk and dishevelled Liv.

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