Why and when is Coronation Street on tonight?

When and why is Coronation Street on tonight? Is Corrie moving to Tuesday permanently?

A crucial episode in the Seb death storyline airs tonight, Tuesday June 1

There’s an ‘extra’ episode of Corrie on the box this evening – so when is Coronation Street on tonight?

Due to it being the time of year when Britain’s Got Talent semis normally air, the telly schedules are a little different.

Indeed, Corrie is on at a different time to usual all week long. And tonight’s bonus ep is no exception.

Seb’s hearse pulls into Coronation Street during this evening’s show (Credit: ITV)

When is Coronation Street on tonight – and why?

Similar to yesterday’s soap instalment, Coronation Street is on TV at 9pm tonight (Tuesday June 1).

However, there is only one episode on this evening, unlike the hour-long special that aired on Monday (May 31).

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According to the Coronation Street spoilers, a particularly gripping episode seems to be in store.

But if you turn on at the regular time of 7.30pm, you’ll be watching The Masked Dancer instead.

Is Corrie on at 9pm all week?

Not quite. Although 9pm is the correct time to flick over this evening, Thursday and Friday, there won’t be any Corrie on Wednesday.

That’s because the slots have been cleared – The Masked Dancer included – for the England vs Austria football match.

Also worth noting – Friday’s visit to Weatherfield is only for half an hour, rather than the usual full 60 minutes.

Corey is overheard laughing about Seb’s death – what will be the consequences?

What will happen on Corrie tonight?

Full spoilers for Tuesday’s night episode of Coronation Street can be read by clicking on the link.

But it seems like it could be a particularly dark episode, as it features Seb’s emotional wake.

Furthermore, with the episode airing after the watershed, producers have more freedom with how they portray the sad events surrounding Seb’s passing.

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Shockingly, despite clearing the air with Nina, it seems Abi is closer than ever to losing herself in her grief.

That’s because after Corey is overheard making light of Seb’s brutal death, Abi is spotted making off with a broken bottle in her hand…

Abi seeks revenge (Credit: ITV)

What else is expected to happen?

Elsewhere, Sharon pours her heart out to Rita and explains how she fell in with Harvey. But will Rita forgive her?

Maria learns about Gary’s real role in Sam’s kidnapping. And after Gary spots the same van used in the abduction, he forces his way inside.

But after a shot rings out, who – if anyone – has been hit with a bullet?

– Coronation Street airs tonight, Tuesday June 1, on ITV at 9pm.

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