When did Bernie in EastEnders lose her baby – and who got her pregnant?

Bernie has been in EastEnders since 2017

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Bernie has been in EastEnders since 2017, but who is the actress who plays her and what happened with Bernie’s last pregnancy?

Currently Bernadette wants to be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart Highway.

In last night’s episode of the BBC soap (Thursday, May 14) Bernie went to an appointment with the doctor.

Bernie wants to be a surrogate for Stuart and Rainie (Credit: BBC)

But the doctor brought up that Bernie had a miscarriage a few years ago. They explained her weight could complicate the ovulation process.

Bernie in EastEnders: Who is she?

Bernadette Taylor is the daughter of Karen Taylor. Bernie’s dad has never been seen.

She is the half sister of Chantelle Atkins, Keanu Taylor, Keegan Baker, Chatham Taylor and Riley Taylor.

Karen is Bernie’s mum (Credit: BBC)

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She is also the adopted sister of Bailey Baker.

Bernie actress in EastEnders: Who plays her?

Bernie is played by actress Clair Norris.

Whilst the character is around 18, Clair is 23 in real life.

It would appear EastEnders is Clair’s first TV acting role.

What happened with Bernie’s last pregnancy?

Shortly after she arrived in 2017, Karen started to notice Bernadette had a craving for cheese and onion crisps.

She soon confronted Bernie asking how far along she was into her pregnancy.

Karen became suspicious that Bernie’s brother Keanu could be the father of the child, but he was disgusted by the accusation and said he was just trying to support his sister.

It was later revealed that the father was a boy Bernie went to school with and had been seeing, called Callum.

Eventually Karen came around to the idea of Bernie having a child and the family excitedly prepared for the new arrival.

But a couple of weeks later, Bernie began having stomach pains and this led to her having a stillborn baby girl. She gave birth at 18 weeks.

Bernie gave birth at 18 weeks (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette was heartbroken and Karen organised for the baby to be cremated.

Callum and Bernie named their daughter Belle and they had a ceremony in the allotment.

Is Clair Norris single?

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Clair Norris has been with her boyfriend Lewis for over two years. Clair regularly shares pictures from their date nights and days out together.

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