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What time is EastEnders on tonight? What happens in this week’s episodes?

Soap has moved to a post-watershed slot

EastEnders has been shunted around in the TV schedule again tonight, but what time is it on?

After the upheaval from Euro 2020 and Wimbledon, Easties moves for the Olympics.

When is EastEnders on tonight?

Thankfully the soap IS still on all week, but in a post-watershed slot of 9.05 – 9.30pm.

The show also has a later spot tomorrow, 9 – 9.20pm.

Thursday night’s visit is 9.10 – 9.30pm.

And on Friday you can catch the show from 9.05 – 9.30pm.

Zack from EastEnders is warned off by Mick Carter
Raging Mick Carter has a warning for Zack (Credit: BBC)

What happens in EastEnders tonight?

Mick is on the warpath when he finds out that Nancy and Zack are still seeing each other – after his daughter assured him that they were over.

He marches over to the gym and demands that Zack put an end to the relationship immediately – or else.

Elsewhere across the square, super-mum Karen Taylor is desperate to sort out her warring kids, and thinks she has hit upon a plan.

And Ruby leans on Jean for support, when she should be turning to Martin.

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Chelsea in EastEnders finds an earring in Gray's car
Chelsea finds an earring in Gray’s car later this week (Credit: BBC)

What else in going on in Walford this week?

Tomorrow night Ruby and Jean enjoy a fun day together but it’s ruined by a phone call.

Meanwhile, Linda finds out that Zack was involved in Nancy’a accident – leaving Frankie feeling all the more guilty.

Thursday’s visit sees Chelsea tighten her grip on Gray, as she persuades him to skive off work and go shopping so he can buy her a dress for her court appearance.

But when she spots an earring in his car, Gray panics – it belongs to Tina…

On Friday, Martin is feeling pretty rubbish when Ruby forgets his birthday, while she is becoming increasingly paranoid when she thinks Kat and Jay are gossiping about her.

In reality, Kat has actually just found out that Billy has become homeless and is trying to work out how to help him.

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