EastEnders Stuart is shocked to be diagnosed with male breast cancer and turns to Sonia

What is wrong with Stuart Highway in EastEnders? Does he cheat with Sonia?

The funeral director received a devastating diagnosis

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EastEnders confirmed a shock cancer diagnosis for Stuart Highway on Monday night (December 6).

The funeral director was left reeling from the news, and will turn to Sonia Fowler for support as he struggles to come to terms with his condition.

But what does this mean for his future with wife Rainie?

Stuart’s diagnosis came as a shock (Credit: BBC)

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What is wrong with Stuart in EastEnders?

Stuart had been concerned about a rash on his chest and finally went to the doctors to find out what it was.

The doctor was concerned when she also found a small lump and referred him for a biopsy.

As he awaited his appointment last night, it was clear something wasn’t right with him. He was overly helpful, enthusiastic and too chatty with everyone he contacted.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Sonia who watched him with concern.

When Stuart eventually went to get his biopsy results he was told it wasn’t good news.

“The biopsy shows the lump in your chest is cancerous,” the consultant explained.

“Cancer?” a shocked Stuart questioned.

“Yes, I am sorry, Mr Highway, you have male breast cancer.”

It’s going to be hard for Stuart to accept what lies ahead (Credit: BBC)

What happens next as Stuart battles male breast cancer?

EastEnders has been working closely with Macmillan Cancer Support on the storyline.

In the coming weeks, Stuart will struggle to open up to wife Rainie about his diagnosis.

Ricky Champ, who plays Stuart has said: “I feel honoured to be trusted with such an important storyline.

“We will see Stuart really struggle with the fact he has cancer, and to learn that it’s breast cancer is really difficult for him to understand.

“I hope by shedding a light on male breast cancer, more men will be aware of it and seek out a doctor if they notice anything wrong.”

Dany Bell, Strategic Advisor for Treatment, Medicines, Genomics at Macmillan Cancer Support added: “It’s brilliant to see EastEnders release this very important and poignant storyline.

“We hope it encourages people to become more aware of the signs of breast cancer, regularly check their own chests and reach out for help if needed.

“Macmillan is here to offer advice and support to anyone impacted by the storyline and we encourage anyone experiencing signs or symptoms of cancer to visit their GP.”

Stuart can’t open up to Rainie so turns to Sonia instead (Credit: BBC)

Does Stuart cheat with Sonia?

Tonight (Tuesday December 7) Stuart struggles with the news of his breast cancer diagnosis.

He heads straight to The Vic and begins to drink heavily. Sonia sees him looking worse for wear and after her suspicions on Monday, she decides she should take him home.

Drunk and unable to process what’s happening to him, he blurts out the news to Son.

Understanding what he must be going through, nurse Sonia tries to help him, but it’s too much for Stu to take and he snaps.

The next day, Rainie mentions Sonia brought him home, but Stuart tenses up and storms out.

Sonia is desperate for him to tell Rainie the truth, but he refuses so Sonia goes to his appointment instead.

However, Rainie spots them together and gets a suspicious as they are clearly sharing an intimate moment. She confronts her husband, but will he confess what’s really going on?

EastEnders Dec 27 Rainie gets drunk
Rainie goes for a wild night to shake off her troubles – will she regret it? (Credit: BBC)

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Does Rainie cheat on Stuart in EastEnders?

With Stuart refusing to open up, Rainie feels pushed out and alone over Christmas.

She desperately tries to get him to talk to her, and even Callum fails to get to the bottom of what’s going on with his brother.

Fed-up, Rainie ends up going to The Albert to party her sorrows away.

When she’s sent a drink by a handsome stranger, will she be tempted to cheat?

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