Nicola Wheeler speaks about Emmerdale and in character as Nicola King

What is wrong with Nicola in Emmerdale? Why was she attacked and is she suffering from PTSD?

She suffered a traumatic event and doesn't seem to be coping

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Nicola in Emmerdale is currently embroiled in a huge storyline, but what exactly is wrong with her?

Nicola was subjected to a terrifying attack on the ITV soap earlier this month.

But the councillor is finding it hard to recover from her assault and is also struggling with fears of reprisals.

Nicola is stalked by her attackers
Nicola’s assault was upsetting (Credit: Emmerdale YouTube)

Nicola has also admitted she worried she might die after she was set upon by a group of teens in a car park.

It appears Nicola has undergone a significant amount of trauma and seems to be suffering with PTSD.

But will she rally and rebound? Or could this prove the end of Nicola King’s time in Emmerdale?

Nicola struggles on the floor of the car park
Kicked repeatedly while she was down (Credit: Emmerdale YouTube)

What happened to Nicola in Emmerdale?

A couple of weeks ago, horrified Emmerdale fans saw Nicola pounced upon by a gang of teenage girls.

She had been out to a bar with sister Bernice and Laurel. But with tensions high between the siblings over council business, their night out was a bust.

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Nicola went home early. However, before she could drive her motor out of the car park, she encountered a gang.

They proceeded to taunt her, leaving her phone and keys strewn across the concrete floor.

But as Nicola eventually made to go, she was hurled to the floor and kicked viciously. The rampage left her knocked out and bloodied.

Nicola resists during her attack on Emmerdale
Nicola resists during her attack on Emmerdale (Credit: Emmerdale YouTube)

What is wrong with Nicola in Emmerdale?

Following her mugging, Nicola woke up in hospital.

However, Nicola was too ashamed to admit to Bernice, dad Rodney and husband Jimmy about how youngsters were responsible for her injuries.

And even as the many bruises on her body start to fade, Nicola’s mental health continues to dip.

Nonetheless, the true circumstances about her attack were ultimately revealed. Gabby saw it with her own eyes after phone footage, captured by one of the thugs, appeared online.

Nicola is horrified to realise on Emmerdale that footage her attack in online
Nicola is horrified to realise footage of her attack is online (Credit: Emmerdale YouTube)

Jimmy was despondent trying work out why Nicola has been playing down her ordeal.

And although she eventually admitted what happened to Harriet, Nicola remains petrified of further consequences.

During her mugging, one of Nicola’s assailants noted her address while rifling through her handbag.

Now she worries the gang might come looking for her again – and next time, she fears, they could hurt her kids.

Furthermore, Nicola is scared to be on her own. She also struggles to leave the house.

Nicola Wheeler of Emmerdale fame appears on This Morning
Nicola during her appearance on This Morning today (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

Is Nicola leaving Emmerdale?

The future of Nicola King – played by Nicola Wheeler – is a big discussion point for fans on social media.

They have also pondered theories whether Nicola’s daughter Angel may know more about the attack than she is letting on.

Another fan theory concerns whether Nicola might be able to recognise one attacker’s shoes.

And Nicola’s decline looks set to continue as she is taken advantage of by David.

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However, does all of this indicate Nicola could leave the village?

Actress Nicola isn’t offering too many assurances about her character’s future, it seems.

She didn’t rule out taking time away from the soap on This Morning earlier today (Tuesday June 28).

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