What happened to Yasmeen’s chicken Charlotte Bronte?

Charlotte was Yasmeen's favourite chicken

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Charlotte was Yasmeen’s pet chicken in Coronation Street. But what happened Charlotte Bronte in Coronation Street?

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap (Friday, February 26) Elaine was trying to think of ways to help Yasmeen, who has been struggling to cope with her anxiety after the death of her abusive husband Geoff.

Elaine revealed to Yasmeen that she had bought her another chicken to replace Charlotte.

Elaine got Yasmeen another chicken (Credit: ITV)

However Yasmeen admitted she wasn’t ready to take on another pet as she was struggling to look after herself.

But what happened to Charlotte Bronte?

What happened to Yasmeen’s chicken Charlotte Bronte in Coronation Street?

In 2019, Yasmeen began a relationship with Geoff Metcalfe. But things soon turned dark and he became very controlling of her.

Yasmeen was the victim of coercive control. He started taking control of her money, forcing her into taking out loans for him, forcing her to constantly clean the house and checking on her location at all times.

He even set up cameras in her house to spy on Yasmeen.

Geoff abused Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

Geoff once insinuated to Yasmeen that he had killed her favourite pet chicken Charlotte. Although it later turned out to be a (joke), Geoff did go on to kill Charlotte.

Last year in February, Geoff became furious with Yasmeen when she cooked him a dinner with no meat.

She explained he hadn’t given her enough money to buy meat and he sent her upstairs, telling her he would sort dinner.

He soon took Charlotte from the chicken coop and later called Yasmeen for the meal.

Geoff killed Charlotte the chicken (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen complimented how good the chicken tasted, unaware it was Charlotte.

Geoff said: “Good. I thought she might be a bit dry, being an older bird. Well, at least she’s fed us one last time. I’d like to raise a toast. To Charlotte!”

Realising Geoff had killed her favourite chicken, Yasmeen spat the food out and began crying before running out into the garden.

When did Yasmeen get Charlotte?

Alya bought three chickens for her grandfather Sharif in December 2014.

Although Yasmeen wasn’t keen on them at first, when she kicked Sharif out in 2016 after discovering his affair with her friend Sonia, Yasmeen began to look after the chickens and became attached to them.

The chickens get their revenge on Geoff

In December 2020, after Yasmeen was found not guilty of the attempted murder of Geoff, he chased her onto the roof of No.6 Coronation Street.

Geoff died surrounded by Yasmeen’s chickens (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff ended up slipping and despite everything he had done to her, Yasmeen attempted to save him. But Geoff fell into the garden to his death.

As we saw Geoff’s lifeless body, the remaining chickens walked around his body.

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