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Wednesday 15th July 2020

What happened in EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale tonight?

Here's a round up in case you missed your soap fix tonight

If you miss an episode of EastEnders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale it can feel like you've missed entire storylines sometimes!

Never fear if you've missed Monday's episodes - here's ED!'s round up of the big moments from tonight's soaps.


Vanessa dumped Charity

Charity's lies have gone too far (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa has had just about enough of Charity's lies - and we can't say we blame her.

Vanessa was already upset with her fiancée, but when she overheard Vinny and Charity discussing exactly how Charity got the money to buy the house, it was game over.

Outing Charity to everyone in the pub, including Lydia and Sam, Vanessa was aghast when Charity continued to insist that although she'd been dishonest about how she got the money (helping Mandy and Vinny in the casino scam), she was entitled to it as she'd earned it.

Enough was enough for Vanessa who ended their relationship, leaving stunned Charity heartbroken.

Is Cain in over his head?

Cain was threatened by Sean (Credit: ITV)

Cain tried to remain undaunted when Sean turned up and revealed he was a member of the gang whose car Cain and Aaron stole.

Despite Sean seeming pretty threatening, referring to Moses, who Cain was babysitting, Cain packed Sean off - but something tells us it isn't the last we've seen of him...

Kerry played the sympathy card again

Kerry was feeling sorry for herself (Credit: ITV)

A hungover Kerry was feeling sorry for herself as Amy tried to lift her spirits.

But when Amy broke the news Kerry couldn't stay with Victoria much longer, Kerry was forced to grovel back to Dan.

Amy put in a good word for her mum, asking Dan to give her a chance, and although he said Kerry could have her room back, he insisted it was only temporary and only for Amelia's sake.

Will Kerry be grateful for the reprieve?

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Sharon panicked as Mel tightened her grip

Sharon was in crisis management mode (Credit: BBC)

Mel's plans for Sharon were in full swing as she plotted against her with the surprise party for Sharon and Louise.

Lisa wasn't happy when she discovered what was really going on and confronted Mel, who tried to placate her after their altercation last week.

Lisa told Mel she'd booked her an appointment with one of her doctors, but Mel hit out and told her they weren't really friends, Lisa was just someone Mel had to put up with - harsh.

Meanwhile, a call from Phil sent shockwaves through Sharon: he's on his way home after finding out from Mel Sharon was planning to sell the E20.

She tried to get Keanu to take Louise far away from the Square, but when Louise revealed she knew all about the surprise party, thanks to Karen, Keanu's plan was ruined.

As Louise arrived at the bash all dolled up to cries of "surprise" Sharon was close behind, a look of fear in her eyes.

What will Mel do next?

Linda and Mick were struggling

Linda is really struggling (Credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Mick and Linda went to Ollie's assessment and it has become very clear Linda is struggling more than Mick.

With empty wine bottles and a cold defensiveness about her, will she be able to cope if the news about Ollie turns out to be what they feared?

Keegan and Tiffany made a huge move

Keegan and Tiffany made the decision to move into Ted's flat after he sublet it to them.

Bailey was clearly upset over the move, but when Karen tried to help, Bailey lashed out with some nasty words about Karen and her handling of the Dinah situation. Will Karen and Bailey ever be able to put the past behind them?

Coronation Street

Michelle knows something's not right - at last!

Michelle's going to want answers (Credit: ITV)

In tonight's two episodes, the walls finally started to close in on Robert.

While Michelle was being slapped by a lawsuit from nasty Ray after she warned Alya to be careful of him, therefore breaching her NDA, Robert was off trying to placate Tyler after meddling in Tyler and Amy's friendship.

Robert spun another lie to stop Tyler telling Amy Robert was involved with Vicky, but on his way home, distracted by a phone call from Michelle - and all the lies he was telling her - Robert swerved to avoid a lorry and crashed his car.

Michelle went into a panic when she heard the crash and couldn't get back in touch with him.

She was then stunned when the police called and told her he was in hospital in Macclesfield - miles from where he'd said he was.

When she got to Robert's bedside, he started mumbling about the baby, and then after he'd had an operation she found his 'Big Daddy' dog tags and realised something was amiss.

Has Michelle FINALLY discovered Robert's big secret?

Roy confessed to Carla

Roy wants some answers too (Credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Roy confessed to Carla he believed his online Scrabble partner was actually his long-lost brother.

The big news to both Carla - and the viewers - was that Roy is now on Facebook!

Once she got over that shock, Carla insisted on going to visit Richard, but Richard's daughter, Nina, told them she'd never heard of a 'Richard' and slammed the door in their faces.

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Bernie ripped Gemma and Chesney off AGAIN

Bernie is causing more trouble (Credit: ITV)

Also, Gemma and Chesney were thrilled when their babies were moved to Weatherfield General so they could all go home.

Determined to focus on being a mum, Gemma turned down an offer from Freshco's for the quads to be the face of their new marketing campaign.

But when they were hit by a bill from the hotel for £500 after Bernie raided the minibar, they might have to rethink their decision.

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