Viewers in hysterics over cheeky EastEnders double entendre

Plus, there was another shock for even the most dedicated of fans - did you catch both moments?

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EastEnders fans were left in stitches last night after picking up on a cheeky innuendo in a scene featuring Honey Mitchell and dentist Adam Bateman.

New love interest Adam was explaining how his dentistry tools work to Honey’s kids when her 10-year-old son Will asked whether Adam could “do” baby Harley’s teeth with the inspection hand mirror.

“He’s mostly just gums at this stage,” replied Adam, putting Will off.

Nonetheless, Will persisted. “Can you do me?” he asked.

‘A bit of help here, please! The kid won’t stop asking about ‘doing'” (Credit: ITV)

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Moments after Adam looked to a distracted Honey – who was reading a text from ex Billy – to check on whether it was fine with her, she gave the exercise her approval.

“Cool!” commented Will, before continuing the same line of questioning with similar phrasing, as persistent kids do.

“Have you done my mum yet?” he asked finally, unaware his words could have a different connotation for Honey and Adam’s blossoming relationship.

A speechless Adam shared a knowing glance with a briefly alarmed Honey whose grin froze on her face – but they seemed to get away with nobody else noticing the double entendre.

‘Hmmm, what did you call me?’ (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers were absolutely ruined by the cheeky moment, with dozens repeating the line on social media in tweets accompanied by a variety of mirthful emojis.

The scene was also notable for another highly unusual occurrence (the first being a moment of light comedy in the soap) as Honey’s real name was uttered.

Believed to be only the third time she has been referred to as ‘Susan’ in thirteen years on and off Albert Square, Adam mentioned it as he was seeking Honey’s permission to have a look about inside Will’s mouth.

Many viewers, even those who have been watching goings on in Walford for years, were not familiar with her rarely-used first name and tweeted their shock at the revelation.

Did you know Honey is called Susan? It feels like we’ve been living a lie for years.

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