Coronation Street viewers fear Gemma will be bullied by women after joining baby group

Gemma has been struggling since the birth of her babies

Viewers of Coronation Street fear Gemma Winter will be bullied by the women she met at the baby sensory class.

Since giving birth to the quads, Gemma has been struggling to cope.

Recently the new mum and the quads’ father, Chesney, discovered their son Aled has permanent profound hearing loss in both ears.

Gemma and Chesney found out Aled is deaf (Credit: ITV)

Although Aled being deaf isn’t anyone’s fault, poor Gemma has been feeling like she has failed her son.

Wanting Gemma to get out of the house, Chesney signed her and the babies up to a baby sensory class.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday February 26 2020) Gemma took the quads to the class with Cathy and Emma.

Gemma appeared to make new friends at the baby class (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

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During the class, Vanessa, one of the other mums, said Gemma must have superpowers to look after four babies, leaving Gemma thrilled.

She also told Gemma how her baby ended up kicking off both of his booties, reassuring Gemma she’s not a bad mum.

Later, Vanessa overheard Gemma struggling to arrange to come to the next class with Cathy and Emma and offered to help.

Can they be trusted? (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Vanessa told Gemma to come to baby yoga the next day and said she and her friend Imogen would help with the quads.

Although they seemed nice, viewers are worried they’re not as sweet as they appear and this could be the start of an adult bullying storyline.

After the classes, Gemma practised her yoga poses and told Chesney about her new friends.

Oh please let those women be nice to Gemma.

In Friday’s episodes (Friday February 28 2020) Gemma attends the yoga class but as she struggles to adopt various yoga poses in her jeans, Imogen tries to hide her amusement.

Are Gemma and Imogen having a laugh together, or is Imogen the one being cruel?

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