Coronation Street viewers beg Yasmeen to tell Alya about Geoff’s abuse

Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen for months

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Viewers of Coronation Street have begged Yasmeen Nazir to tell her granddaughter Alya about Geoff Metcalfe’s abuse.

For months, Geoff has been abusing his wife as part of a coercive control storyline.

Last week Gail Rodwell caught Yasmeen crying in the garden after Geoff murdered her pet chicken, Charlotte Bronte.

Geoff Coronation Street
Geoff killed Charlotte the chicken (Credit: ITV)

Gail told Alya about Yasmeen’s clear distress and in last night’s episode (Monday March 2 2020) Alya snuck away from work to see her gran.

Although Yasmeen told her granddaughter that Charlotte had died, she didn’t tell her how.

Viewers are begging Yasmeen to tell Alya the truth about Geoff’s abuse and have been left frustrated that she covered up his crime.

When Geoff returned home to find Yasmeen had gone out with Alya, he was frantic that she’d left him.

Yasmeen returned and he turned on the crocdile tears, begging her not to leave him.

She later told her husband she understood that him killing Charlotte Bronte was a mistake.

Geoff’s tears won Yasmeen round again (Credit: ITV)

Geoff’s abuse has been building for months and has included selling Yasmeen’s precious belongings, using cameras to spy on her and leading her to believe he’s ill.

Since they got married, Geoff’s abuse has only got worse.

Not only has he got Yasmeen constantly cleaning and cooking for him, he led her to believe she has a problem with alcohol and has taken control of her money in order to ‘help’ her.

Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen for months (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Last week, Geoff was furious that Yasmeen had cooked a dinner with no meat, but she told him she couldn’t afford to buy any with the money he had given her for shopping.

After throwing the food away, Geoff decided to kill and cook Yasmeen’s favourite chicken Charlotte Bronte.

Although Alya doesn’t know about Geoff’s cruel treatment towards Yasmeen, she has her suspicions.

Please tell Alya about the abuse, Yasmeen.

Alya clearly doesn’t like her grandmother’s husband and was unhappy when he became part of the family business, Speed Daal.

Alya is already suspicious of Geoff (Credit: ITV)

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Last week, he began to target Alya as she came back to work at the restaurant.

But will she figure out the true extent of Geoff’s behaviour?

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