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Thursday 4th June 2020

The Bill legend René Zagger joins Emmerdale as dangerous villain Terry

There's a familiar face coming to the village

The Bill legend René Zagger has joined Emmerdale as a man on the other side of the law.

René will play vengeful casino boss Terry who arrives in the village hunting Mandy Dingle and her fake son conman Vinny.

Terry wants revenge on Mandy for her scams (Credit: ITV)

He is best known for playing PC Nick Klein in the police drama and appearing in more than 200 episodes before bowing out in 2004.

The actor featured in some of the biggest Bill storylines including when Nick saw a gangland murder and was forced into witness protection.

But in Emmerdale he will be on the other side of the law when he turns up in the village wanting revenge on Mandy and Vinny.

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Next week sees Mandy and Vinny Dingle in grave danger as Terry arrives in the village.

The pair are clearly desperate to pay Terry back his money, and are continuing with the plan to get their hands on Lydia's money.

But as the pair try and hack into her online banking they're caught in the act by Lydia herself and they desperately try and explain themselves being forced to flee from a Dingle Court hearing.

The casino boss threatens Mandy and Vinny (Credit: ITV)

After a botched attempt at escaping Mandy confesses that they were running a card counting scam at various casinos, all run by Terry.

And while the news that Mandy's dealings were dodgy comes as no surprise to anyone, it is then revealed to viewers that Charity was also involved in the scam.

As the Dingles deliberate their verdict, Mandy is sure that the court will vote in their favour... but Vinny's more worried that they will work out his dark secret that he's been hiding since he arrived - that he's not Mandy's son.

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However what the family think of them is soon the least of their worries when dangerous Terry tracks them down in the village and arrives on the Dingles' doorstep demanding his money.

Mandy and Vinny are terrified as Terry threatens them... but will the Dingles stick up for them in their hour of need?

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