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Sunday 9th August 2020

Soap SPOILERS: Here's what's happening in Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders tonight

Sinead is laid to rest

It's a full compliment of soaps as we head to Emmerdale, Coronation Street (twice) and EastEnders tonight (Monday November 18).

There's bad news all round in the Dales, devastating scenes as Sinead is laid to rest in Corrie, and family dramas in EastEnders.

Here are the 11 biggest storylines happening tonight.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

1. David gets unsettling news on Maya

Maya's back - sort of... (Credit: ITV)

David breaks the news to Leyla that Maya is being released.

Leyla struggles to take it in and they both worry the ex-school teacher will try to contact Jacob.

Will Maya be back?

2. Lydia gets devastating news when she meets her mum

Agatha and Lydia come face to face (Credit: ITV)

Mandy wants Beth to explain herself, so barges into Beth's house - and is stunned to find Agatha, Lydia's mum.

Agatha asked to be taken to see Lydia, and Mandy agrees, although she worries she hasn't done the right thing.

Lydia is nervous as Agatha admits she wants to explain things to her daughter. Lydia braces herself to face her past.

After revealing she never stopped thinking about Lydia, Agatha then drops the bomshell that Lydia's father died of Huntington's disease.

Lydia's stunned as she realise she has a good chance of having inherited the same disease.

3. Charity puts her foot down

Charity is determined to get her own way.

She puts her foot down, but will anyone listen?

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

1. Sinead is laid to rest

Farewell Sinead (Credit: ITV)

Daniel returns in time for the funeral and everyone says goodbye to Sinead in a moving service.

As they gather in the Rovers for the wake, Daniel decides he wants to head home and watch the videos Sinead made before she died.

But what will he find when he gets to the flat?

2. Daniel is dealt another crushing blow

While everyone's at the funeral, a burglar has broken into Daniel's flat and is rifling through his things.

Daniel's distraught to find his flat trashed, but even more so that the thief took the laptop with Sinead's videos on.

As Peter calls the police, Daniel is in pieces. Can he get through this latest heartbreak?

3. It's business as normal for Michelle

Carla doesn't understand (Credit: ITV)

Carla is confused to see Michelle and Robert working together at the restaurant like nothing has happened.

She's left further baffled when Michelle swears her to secrecy about the affair. What is Michelle up to?

4. Robert faces the music

Tyler lays him out (Credit: ITV)

Vicky flies at Robert for leading a double life, and Tyler soon becomes enraged.

Tyler throws a punch at Robert and a devastated Vicky angrily orders Robert to leave.

5. Paul and Billy admit their love

Billy and Paul are closer than ever (Credit: ITV)

Paul is stunned when Billy reveals he's given Bernie a job, and asks him why.

Billy admits he wants to help because he loves him, leaving Paul taken aback.

Later, after telling David the truth about Josh changing his statement. David opens up about his ordeal and how he came through it.

It strikes a chord with Paul, who returns home and cooks a romantic meal for Billy. He then assures Billy he wants him in his life and intends to make him proud.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8pm

1. Can Sharon keep her secret?

Everyone is still reeling from Mel's death - and Lisa's revelation Sharon's baby isn't Phil's.

Can Sharon keep a lid on her secret and persuade Phil Lisa's lying?

2. Kathy finds out the truth about Ben

With Callum wanting to join the police, Ben's fears about their future together grow.

He admits he's unsure if they could stay together if Callum does join up, and Callum quickly leaves.

Later, Ben demands Martin do another job for him, threatening his family, but Kathy overhears everything.

Will she confront her son?

3. Tensions are strained between Mick and Linda

As Mick tries to get Linda excited for the 'Best Pub' competition, Linda's heart isn't in it.

Sensing her mood, Mick asks Shirley not to mention that Ollie's upset after not getting a 'Learner of the Week' award at school.

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