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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Marlon won’t be back in village ‘any time soon’

He's been charged with Graham's murder

Marlon Dingle is currently being held in HMP Hotten, after being charged with the murder of Graham Foster in Emmerdale.

And, according to actor Mark Charnock, his character won’t be released any time soon…

Marlon arrested Emmerdale
Marlon was taken in for questioning and never released in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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On Tuesday (January 28), fan favourite Marlon was arrested and charged with the unlawful killing of Graham.

Viewers know that Marlon is innocent and that it was actually Rhona’s rapist Pierce Harris who ended Graham’s life.

This is not going to be a quick resolution, and we won’t be seeing Marlon back in the village any time soon.

But police are convinced Marlon is the killer, after circumstantial evidence which points at the good-natured Dingle, including the fact that Marlon threatened Graham just before he was murdered.

Marlon threatened Graham just before he died (Credit: ITV)

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While viewers desperately want Marlon freed – as well as pointing out a string of ‘mistakes’ in the police investigation – it seems he won’t be released any time soon.

In a chat with Radio Times online, actor Mark revealed Marlon’s plight is just beginning.

He told the website: “Marlon is not emotionally or psychologically equipped for prison. The situation is genuinely bleak, he can see why the police think he did it – there is evidence against him, he just can’t disprove it.”

Marlon made no secret of the fact he hated Graham, even punching him in public (Credit: ITV)

The actor, 51, continued: “He’s hanging on to his sanity by a thread. Everyone around him is trying to be optimistic but it’s crushing him and any positivity he has left his system. At points he is accepting of his fate and ready to give up.

“This is not going to be a quick resolution, and we won’t be seeing Marlon back in the village any time soon…”

Oh no!

Mark also revealed that Marlon will have his family behind him during his bleak predicament, adding: “He’s very touched by the ‘Free Marlon’ initiative that Mandy starts back in the village. The Dingles are behind him, and so is his best mate Paddy.

“Cain visits Marlon and it’s a really sweet scene, he encourages Marlon to toughen up, not show any vulnerability and basically how to behave. Cain has a lot of experience in that area, unlike Marlon!”

Emmerdale April Credit: ITV/YouTube
Poor April isn’t allowed to see her dad in jail (Credit: ITV)

Spoilers tell us that Marlon’s daughter April struggles with the news that her daddy is in prison.

The schoolgirl will run away in upcoming scenes, as her world crumbles around her.

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