Emmerdale Vinny and Liv looks surprised as they discuss eloping

Emmerdale spoilers: Liv and Vinny plan their runaway wedding

Will the dramatic Dingles spoil their elopement?

Emmerdale spoilers reveal cute couple Liv Flaherty and Vinny Dingle plan to tie the knot in secret.

The newly engaged pair scheme to run off and get wed without anyone knowing, but will their romantic plans backfire?

Emmerdale Liv and Vinny excitedly discuss their elopement
Liv and Vinny plan to get wed in secret (Credit: ITV)

What are Liv and Vinny planning?

Having got engaged on Valentine’s Day – sort of accidentally – Liv and Vinny still haven’t revealed all about their news to their families.

But when Vinny tells Liv that he’s got a friend in Daventry who’s a registrar and willing to bend the rules to allow them to get married, she’s excited.

Emmerdale Liv and Vinny don't know how to get out of the hole they've dug with Chas and Mandy
Vinny and Liv are worried about how to get out of their pickle (Credit: ITV)

And the couple plot to head off to Northamptonshire to tie the knot in secret.

Cold feet?

But when their wedding rings arrive, both Vinny and Liv start worrying about how their families will deal with their news.

Emmerdale Mandy is excited, but doesn't know about Liv and Vinny's elopement
Vinny’s worried about upsetting Mandy (Credit: ITV)

They joke about how Vinny’s mum Mandy might react when she finds out her beloved boy has said his vows without her being there.

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But though they’re both chuckling, it’s clear Vinny and Liv are having doubts about having their big day alone.

Mandy gets the wrong end of the stick

When Vinny tells Liv they could get married the next day if she wants, the bride-to-be is pleased.

But they both feel guilty about leaving their family in the dark and start thinking they should change their plans.

However, when Chas and Mandy arrive and overhear a bit of their conversation, they get the wrong end of the stick and assume Liv’s back on the booze.

Emmerdale Liv and Vinny excitedly discuss their elopement
Vinny and Liv don’t want the Dingles taking over their day (Credit: ITV)

Paddy arrives, and things get dramatic – Dingle fashion – leaving Liv and Vinny convinced that eloping is the best thing to do after all.

Runaway bride?

The bride and groom pack their bags, and head off to Daventry, ready for their secret wedding.

But when they arrive, Vinny gets his phone out to discover lots of missed calls from a worried Mandy, who’s realised they’re missing.

Emmerdale Vinny sees lots of messages from Mandy, will he go through with marrying Liv?
Vinny’s got lots of messages from Mandy – will he change his mind? (Credit: ITV)

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Will Liv and Vinny go through with their runaway wedding? Or will they have a change of heart?

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