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Saturday 11th July 2020

Soap SPOILERS: Here's what's happening in Emmerdale and EastEnders tonight

Kidnap, secrets, lies, and violence are all on the menu

There's one episode of EastEnders and an hour-long special of Emmerdale tonight (Tuesday November 12).

Kidnap, secrets, lies, and violence are all on the menu.

Here's the eight biggest spoilers from tonight's episodes.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm (hour-long special)

1. Moses is kidnapped!

Cain and Aaron are in too deep (Credit: ITV)

Charity saddles Cain with Moses again, but he's supposed to be continuing his dodgy job with Aaron.

Things escalate when Sean kidnaps Moses and all hell breaks loose when Charity finds out what's happened.

As Sean and his heavies demand Cain return their car in exchange for Moses' safe return, will they manage to get the little boy back?

2. Arthur lashes out

Arthur lashes out at Archie (Credit: ITV)

Arthur is unhappy about Archie and Jai coming to Ashley's birthday picnic. When Laurel later suggests the boys go to the pirate ship together, she has no idea the danger Archie is in.

Back at home Arthur lashes out at Archie and punches him to the floor, where he's knocked unconscious.

Laurel and Jai return home and think Archie just fell over, but when they notice another mark on his arm, Arthur quickly concocts a story about Jimmy being responsible...

3. Bernice gets a surprise

Bernice is worried about Dee Dee (Credit: ITV)

Bernice is still trying to get hold of Dee Dee, and is sad that she can't get through to her on the phone.

But will Liam's surprise cheer her up?

4. Graham disappoints Rhona

Graham's got some explaining to do (Credit: ITV)

Graham and Rhona try to spend some time together, and he agrees to go on a weekend away together.

However, he soon gets cold feet and is forced to explain himself to Rhona.

5. Vanessa struggles following her split

Vanessa is struggling (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa tries to carry on as normal following her split from Charity, but it's clear she's struggling.

Later, Vanessa breaks down in front of Tracy, grateful for her sister's support.

Is there any future for Vanity?

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

1. Phil finds out the truth?

Sharon needs to act fast (Credit: BBC)

The walls are closing in on Sharon and things get worse when Mel is unphased by Sharon's threats to expose her secret about Hunter.

Lisa pleads with Mel to see sense, but it soon becomes clear exactly what she's planning: she's going to tell Phil the truth about Sharon's baby.

Sharon tries to get there first, sneaking out of the party to meet Phil at the airport, but Mel quickly realises what she's up to and is hot on her heels.

As the women race to get to the airport first, Mel calls Billy and demands he put the phone on the microphone for an important announcement - is this how Sharon's secret will come spilling out?

2. Gray's lies exposed

Karen agrees to babysit for Chantelle, but when Chantelle bumps into Denise she's left confused when Dee mentions a fight Gray was involved in.

Desperate to keep up appearances, Chantelle pretends to know all about it. Will she confront her husband?

3. Mick stuns Linda

Will Mick and Linda get the answers they're hoping for? (Credit: BBC)

Linda is surprised when Mick has a list of questions for Ollie's doctor.

They have a heart to heart and reminisce about old times.

But what will Ollie's diagnosis be?

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