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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Soap SPOILERS: Here's what's happening in Emmerdale and EastEnders tonight

Kim has a shocking revelation

There's an hour-long special of Emmerdale on Tuesday November 26 and an episode of EastEnders as well.

In Emmerdale, Kim has big news for everyone in the Woolpack - and it's a shocker.

Meanwhile, in EastEnders it's the day of the wife swap - will it go to plan?

Here are the seven biggest storylines from tonight's soaps.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm (Hour-long special)

1. Kim makes a shock revelation

Kim has big news to share (Credit: ITV)

Graham is unnerved to received a text from Kim asking all employees to meet him at the Woolpack.

When he arrives, his jaw drops when he realises why she's thrown the party...

Rhona's scathing as she struggles to get her head around the revelation that Kim has made.

2. Marlon lashes out

Marlon hits out (Credit: ITV)

Kim is enjoying the success of her plan, but Marlon is fuming.

As Graham tries to make it up to Rhona with an apology, he's halted when Marlon punches him!

Has Kim really won, though?

3. Dee Dee reveals her surprise

Dee Dee's gift delights Bernice (Credit: ITV)

Bernice is thrown into a panic when Liam reveals he's got her a gift for the big day and she knows she doesn't have one for him.

As she struggles to get inspiration for a present to give him, Dee Dee reveals she's already got her mum and stepdad-to-be a gift.

She then announces she's decided to stay in the Dales and attend school locally, leaving Bernice thrilled.

Bernice then decides that's exactly the sort of thing she needs to get for Liam - a grand gesture instead of a stereotypical gift. But what will she decide to do?

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

1. The wife swap arrives

Mick wants things to run smoothly (Credit: BBC)

Mick is determined to make sure the wife swap runs smoothly.

As everyone gathers in The Vic to hear who they'll be swapping with, an unimpressed Gray takes matters into his own hands...

He decides to sabotage the results, but what is his game?

2. Martin lashes out at Dotty

Martin's had enough of everyone and everything (Credit: BBC)

Dotty is desperate to make some extra cash, but she gets on the wrong side of Martin, and when he learns what she's done, he lashes out.

Martin gives Dotty some home truths, leading Bex and Kush to intervene.

3. Gray's not happy to see Jags

How do they know each other? (Credit: BBC)

Jags approaches Chantelle in the Square and it becomes clear they know each other.

She remembers him and they start to reminisce about old times.

But looming Gray soon approaches and it's obvious he's not happy about the reunion.

4. Honey tries to put Adam off

Honey tries to put Adam off the idea of a holiday.

She uses Janet and William as an excuse, but when Billy offers to babysit for the week, Honey finds herself backed into a corner.

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