Soap spoilers: Emmerdale storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Desperate Vinny breaks Liv's heart

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Soap spoilers for next week see Emmerdale’s Vinny go to extreme lengths to protect Liv from violent Paul.

Meanwhile, Will sleeps with Kim to save Harriet, and Aaron finds himself in big trouble thanks to Mack.

All this and more in the Emmerdale soap spoilers for next week.

1. Vinny covers for Paul

Vinny is in hospital following Paul’s attack.

The police come and question Vinny about what happened.

He is just about to tell the truth about what Paul did when he sees his dad arrive.

Liv is suspicious when Paul berates her for getting the police involved.

She questions why Paul didn’t call the police himself.

Realising that Paul is getting angry at Liv, Vinny asks her to leave in a bid to protect her.

Vinny discharges himself from hospital under Paul’s influence.

When Liv comes to visit him, Vinny is worried about accidentally revealing everything.

He knows that Liv is suspicious of what happened and could work out the truth.

Cagey Vinny struggles to stick to Paul’s story about what happened when he was attacked.

Angry Paul tells Vinny to get Liv off their backs.

Desperate to protect Liv from Paul, Vinny reluctantly breaks up with her.

Liv is heartbroken, but soon her upset turns into determination to find out the truth.

Will she find Connor and work out who really attacked Vinny?

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2. Will sleeps with the enemy 

Will visits Harriet, who is still in her self-imposed exile in the cellar.

He sees she has packed up her belongings and is hopeful that it means she’s leaving her bunker.

But Harriet is still unsure how long she will stay hidden in the cellar.

Harriet and Will panic when they hear Kim has let herself into the house upstairs.

Will sneaks out the back and pretends to have just arrived himself.

The pair hear a noise down in the cellar and Kim wants to investigate.

Will tries to distract her from finding Harriet by suggesting they head upstairs.

Kim is thrilled, while Will realises he will have to sleep with Kim to stop her finding Harriet.

Afterwards, Kim suggests round two at her house.

But Will is painfully aware that Harriet is downstairs and has heard everything.

Will heads down to the cellar to face Harriet.

He defends his actions, but has him sleeping with Kim just caused heartbroken Harriet to regress?

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3. Mack lands Aaron in hot water

Aaron promises to help search for Connor with Liv.

Despite his hesitations, Aaron reluctantly accepts Mack’s offer to help him find Connor.

However he soon regrets his decision when Mack gets him caught up in another dodgy deal.

The pair ‘borrow’ one of Jimmy’s vans and meet a contact in a lay-by.

But as Mack and Aaron load stolen TVs into a van, the police arrive.

As the police corner them, Aaron is stunned to see Mack has scarpered.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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