Emmerdale spoilers - next week in pictures

Soap spoilers: Emmerdale storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Liv's drinking spirals out of control

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Soap spoilers for next week’s Emmerdale see Liv continue to drink as she struggles with the guilt of Paul’s death.

Meanwhile Kim goes for a dementia test. Will she uncover the true cause of her confusion?

All this and more in the Emmerdale soap spoilers for next week.

Soap spoilers: Emmerdale storylines for next week

1. Liv in danger as she spirals out of control?

Liv is full of guilt and can’t stop drinking.

Aaron pleads with her to reach out and talk to Vinny, but she won’t. Meanwhile Vinny struggles with what Liv has done.

With no booze at home Liv goes to the pub where she meets sleazy stranger Max.

She takes Max back home, but she soon becomes increasingly uncomfortable with him.

Aaron intervenes, angering Liv. She tells Aaron to leave but is left alone, drunk in utter despair.

The next day, Liv has a tonic seizure.

2. Liv is placed under house arrest

Meanwhile Aaron had a sleepless night at Chas and Paddy’s. He plans to give her space, but Paddy urges him not to give up on his sister.

Chas goes over to Mill Cottage, locks the door and grabs Liv’s phone. She puts her under house arrest until she can sober up.

3. Kim becomes suspicious of Gabby

Gabby is wearing new designer clothes as she accesses the company accounts through her laptop.

Jamie is suspicious and tells Noah to get his hands on Gabby’s laptop, wanting evidence.

Kim looks for her notebook, but soon Gabby presents her with the missing notebook.

Kim heads back to bed, but Gabby is alarmed when she realises Noah was watching their conversation.

Emmerdale spoilers Monday 17 May

Noah tells Jamie about Gabby and Kim’s secret notebook.

Kim gives some specific instructions on dealing with a client – it’s clear she has her eye on an oblivious Gabby.

Soon Gabby becomes aware she’s been rumbled and claims Kim’s fuzzy memory is to blame for the confusion.

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She soon pours Kim a brandy promising to keep her confusion a secret, pleased she got away with it.

But she sees Noah in the shadows. What does he know?

Later Kim calls her doctor asking for a proper dementia test.

4. Kim goes for a dementia test

The next day Gabby spots the dementia test appointment in the notebook and urges Kim to keep it secret from Jamie

Later a shadowy figure, wearing gloves, spikes Kim’s brandy decanter with Diazepam and soon after we see Kim pour herself anther drink.

Soon it’s the day of Kim’s dementia test. She’s terrified as she heads out to it alone.

5. Amy makes a declaration

Amy tells Matty she loves him, but he’s taken aback.

She doesn’t get the result she was hoping for. The next day she is mortified after her awkward declaration.

6. Victoria plays matchmaker

Victoria talks to Ben at The Hide. She learns he’s not over Aaron as he claims to be.

Will Ben tell Aaron the truth?

Soon Victoria persuades Ethan to look for romance on dating apps.

7. Aaron is questioned by police

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The police turn up in the village. They tell Pollard the charges have been dropped against him.

But Aaron is taken in for questioning. Is he in big trouble?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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