Soap spoilers: EastEnders storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Kheerat and Ben join forces

Soap spoilers for next week see EastEnders’ Kheerat and Ben in hot water when a deal with Stas takes a dramatic turn.

Elsewhere, Ruby gets her revenge on Stacey while Whitney and Kush go public with their relationship.

All this and more in EastEnders soap spoilers next week.

1. The Mitchells and the Panesars join forces

Determined to make a name for his family in Walford, Kheerat asks Ben to be his business partner.

Kheerat and Ben meet Stas at the Arches, while Vinny is on standby with the cash.

But Stas takes a swipe at Ben after hearing that the Mitchells have been bad-mouthing him.

Things turn nasty when Stas demands his money back or he will get revenge.

However, as Vinny races to the Arches with the cash he is attacked.

Vinny is cornered in an alley by a gang, desperately clutching the bag of cash for Stas.

Over at the Arches, things are getting heated as everyone wonders where Vinny’s got to.

Stas gets impatient as things escalate, will Vinny, Kheerat and Ben all make it out unscathed?

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2. Ruby gets her revenge 

Stacey is feeling awful after the accident with Ruby and blames herself.

She tries to apologise for what happened, but things soon turn nasty.

Ruby tells Martin that Kush and Stacey locked her in the office and made her do a pregnancy test.

Kush tries to explain what really happened, but Martin doesn’t want to hear it.

Martin punches Kush, leaving their friendship in in tatters.

3. Denise tells Jack the truth 

Denise is desperate to tell Jack the truth about what has been going on with Chelsea.

She tells him everything, but asks that he keeps the information to himself.

Once Jack realises they’re caught up in organised crime, he is adamant they go to the police.

Chelsea is fuming with her mum for telling Jack everything.

She begs Jack to hear her side of the story, and he agrees.

Chelsea then turns on the charm, reminiscing about their past romance.

When Chelsea suggests they go back to his house, how will Jack react?

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4. Gray shows Whitney his true colours  

Gray’s not happy when Whitney organises a playdate for Mack and Mia with Raymond.

He is furious that she left them in potential danger from killer Lucas.

Gray apologises for his outburst and asks Whitney out for a drink to say sorry.

But Whitney invites Kush along and they decide to go public with their relationship.

The pair share their news with Gray, but how will he react to Whitney having a new man?

5. Phil and Kat go public

Ben’s shocked when Phil reveals he’s seeing Kat and thinks his dad is joking at first.

Ben thinks Phil can do better and encourages him to go on a dating app to find someone else.

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