EastEnders SPOILERS: A secret exposed, a surprise discovery and wedding doom

Frankie uncovers Nancy's secret...

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EastEnders spoilers for next week’s episodes see Nancy’s secret revealed… but what has she been hiding from her family?

Elsewhere, the Taylor family get a huge shock, while Ben and Callum’s wedding is cancelled.

All this and more in EastEnders soap spoilers next week.

1. Nancy’s secret is exposed 

Nancy is still hiding something from her family, leaving everyone suspicious.

She visits Sharon at the gym to ask for a job, but Sharon turns her down.

Zack tries his luck with Nancy, promising to change Sharon’s mind about the job.

Linda is still in the dark about what is troubling her daughter.

She overhears Nancy on the phone to Tamwar and assumes he is coming to Walford.

But later Linda finds something shocking in Nancy’s coat pocket.

Rose Ayling-Ellis on EastEnders

Frankie desperately tries to get Nancy to open up, but she refuses.

Determined to find out what is going on, Frankie decides to follow Nancy.

But will she work out what Nancy has been hiding?

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2. Billy gets a date 

Billy takes Janet to her photoshoot where he meets her new agent, Estelle.

Estelle takes a shine to Billy and wastes no time asking him out for a drink.

Honey is shocked when Estelle asks her permission to go on a date with Billy.

The other mums chat about how much the kids are getting paid for the photoshoot.

But something doesn’t add up for Honey and she realises Janet is being paid less than everyone else.

Honey confronts Estelle about why Janet is being treated differently, but Estelle fobs her off.

Later Honey badmouths Estelle, not realising Estelle has overheard everything.

3. Kim’s surprise discovery 

Kim is trying to set up another date for Mila and Iqra, but Mila claims she’s too busy working.

But later Kim is stunned when she catches Mila meeting a mystery man. Who is he?

Kim tells Iqra that Mila is cheating… but how will Iqra react to the bombshell?

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4. Shock for the Taylors  

The Taylor family are struggling for cash so Bailey offers Karen some of her late mum’s money.

Ashamed, Karen gently turns her down.

Mitch admits to Karen that he can’t afford Bailey’s space camp.

Karen tells him she is worried about the kids and wonders if Bailey would be better living elsewhere.

But little do they realise, Bailey has heard everything.

The next morning Mitch goes to wake Bailey up and gets the shock of his life…

5. Wedding doom for Callum and Ben 

Callum tells Ben their venue has gone bust and the wedding is cancelled.

Ben is determined to fix things, but can he get the ‘Ballum’ wedding back on track?

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