Soap spoilers: EastEnders storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Kush's day in court has arrived...

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Soap spoilers for next week’s EastEnders see Kush go to court, but will he end up double crossing the Mitchells?

Elsewhere, Tiffany finds herself in danger when an angry customer from the club tracks her down, and the Carters are thrilled to have Nancy back.

All this and more in EastEnders soap spoilers next week.

1. Kush goes to court 

Kush is on cloud nine as he secretly plans his wedding to Whitney.

But he’s brought back down to earth with a bump when he sees Gray.

Gray reminds him that if he accepts Phil’s extra charges he will be locked up for a long time.

With Gray’s warning ringing in his ears, Kush tells the Mitchells the deal is off.

Later Kat lets slip about Kush’s deal with the Mitchells, unaware that she didn’t know.

Whitney is furious that Kush hadn’t told her and she goes to find him.

However, as they argue Kush runs off.

When Kush fails to come home later, Whitney starts to worry.

She panics that he has done a runner before his court case and will make everything worse.

However, Whitney later finds Kush and is thrilled.

But Phil isn’t happy. He’s worried about what Kush is going to say in court.

As Kush takes to the stand, will he land the Mitchells in trouble?

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2. Nancy’s back

Mick is surprised to find a birthday card in the bin and realises he has missed Frankie’s birthday.

The card is from Katy and came with a £2000 cheque.

But Frankie is adamant her mum can’t buy her forgiveness.

The next day Mick throws Frankie a birthday party to make up for forgetting.

Zack tries to chat up Frankie, but she isn’t interested.

Mick is surprised at how easy it is for Sharon to introduce Zack to everyone as her brother.

Realising he should be honest about Frankie, Mick tells everyone that she is his daughter.

But just as Mick makes his announcement, Nancy walks through the door.

How will she feel about seeing Mick and Frankie together?

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3. Tiffany in grave danger 

Tiffany’s shocked when Ruby tells her a customer called Greg has complained.

He’s told Ruby all about Tiffany overcharging him at the club.

Ruby isn’t angry and tells Tiffany and Dotty she just wants a cut.

However things take a sinister turn when Greg turns up at Tiffany’s house.

As he starts demanding his money back Tiffany panics. Is she in grave danger?

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