Soap spoilers: EastEnders storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Zack arrives in Walford with a plan up his sleeve

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Soap spoilers for next week’s EastEnders see Sharon come face to face with her brother, while Jean is struggling without Stacey.

Elsewhere, Kush worries about going to prison, while Ruby struggles with having all Stacey’s kids living in her house.

All this and more in EastEnders soap spoilers next week.

1. Zack arrives in Albert Square 

Sharon’s excited about her new gym, but isn’t happy when Jean’s cleaning isn’t up to scratch.

Little does she know, Jean is beside herself with worry over Stacey.

Soon Jean starts acting out of character when she steals a delivery van and crashes it.

Sharon tries to talk Jean round, while also having to sweet talk the delivery driver.

Jean and Sharon have a heart-to-heart where Jean admits she is worried about her family.

Sharon opens up about her new-found brother and soon Jean is given an idea.

Just as Jean is confessing that she might have called Zack, Sharon hears a car pull up.

She’s shocked to see her brother climb out of the car and immediately tells him to leave.

But Zack doesn’t listen and instead persuades her to let him buy her breakfast.

But Zack has an ulterior motive and swipes Sharon’s keys when she’s not looking.

Sharon later catches Zack searching her bedroom for something.

He says Gavin left them both something in his will, but what is he looking for?

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2. Lily takes on Ruby

Lily is upset about her mum being in jail, while Ruby’s struggling with having the kids around.

Ruby’s later fuming when she finds Hope and Lily have cut up her late mother’s wedding dress.

Ruby is seething with Lily and wants her out of the house, but will Martin agree?

Later things get worse for Ruby when she gets the results from her MRI scan.

What will they reveal?

3. Sheree’s controlling continues 

Patrick gets a letter asking him to take part in a clinical trial.

Sheree isn’t happy about him taking part and worries about his health.

But her meddling doesn’t stop there and she also visits Lola to warn her away from Isaac again.

Isaac isn’t happy that his mum is trying to control everyone and snaps at her.

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4. Kush starts to panic 

After hearing Martin and Ruby arguing, Kush worries about leaving Arthur with them when he’s in jail.

Kush visits Ruby to talk about Arthur but it soon turns into a big argument.

Later, Whitney is shocked to find Kush backed down.

When Whitney sees Kat she snaps, telling her that Kush is suffering because of her.

Later Phil wants to go public with their romance, but Kat says it’s not the right time.

She is worried how it will look with Kush’s trial going on.

Phil tries to help by talking to Kush about how to handle prison, but will Phil’s plan work?

Later Kush is feeling emotional and asks Martin to be his best man… next week!

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