Soap spoilers: Coronation Street storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Will sick Peter make it through his wedding day?

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Soap spoilers for next week see Coronation Street’s Peter and Carla’s wedding day hanging in the balance when Peter’s condition takes a turn for the worst.

Also, Tyrone makes a big mistake and Michael finally finds out who his biological father is.

All this and more in Coronation Street soap spoilers for next week.

1. Will Peter make it through his wedding day? 

Peter is nervous as he tells Daniel about his appointment at the transplant centre.

They will asses whether Peter is suitable for a liver transplant and he knows his future hangs on the outcome of the meeting.

The meeting ends in chaos when Tracy makes digs about Carla being unfaithful.

Peter doesn’t listen to the rumours and tells Tracy she’s not invited to the wedding.

Peter and Carla’s wedding day arrives and Peter asks Daniel to be his best man.

But Daniel can see how unwell Peter is and suggests they should postpone.

Despite struggling Peter is adamant the wedding will go ahead.

As Peter and Carla read their vows, Peter tries to hide how unwell he is.

Carla urges the registrar to speed things up a bit, but will they become husband and wife?

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2. Tyrone makes a big mistake 

Fed up of Tyrone moping around the garage, Abi tells Kevin to take his friend for a beer.

At the pub Kevin tries to cheer Tyrone up as he complains about missing Alina.

But later Tyrone is stunned when Fiz asks him to move back in.

Fiz makes it clear she’s asking because the kids miss him, but does she secretly miss Tyrone, too?

Tyrone tells Alina he loves her, but how will she feel when he admits he’s moving back in with Fiz?

Tyrone moves back into No.9 but realises he has made a terrible mistake.

He is speechless when Fiz reveals she’s booked them some relationship counselling.

When they get home, Tyrone makes a secret call to Alina behind Fiz’s back.

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3. Michael gets some answers 

Michael tells James that he got a DNA test, and the results are back.

James offers to open the letter for him, but will Ronnie or Ed be confirmed as Michael’s dad?

The results are in, but when Ed doesn’t come home, everyone worries he is gambling again.

Aggie is shocked to find £1k missing from their bank account. Has Ed gambled it away?

4. Craig puts his career on the line 

Craig is thrilled when he gets offered an opportunity with the CID.

However, if Faye goes to prison he knows it could scupper his career.

He later tells Faye that Ray has pleaded not guilty, which could have an impact on her sentencing.

5. Cathy’s grim delivery 

Cathy is sickened when she finds someone has left a funeral wreath on the Kabin doorstep.

She decides it is time to leave Weatherfield, but Brian begs her to stay.

However, his words fall on deaf ears and Cathy leaves the cobbles.

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