Coronation Street viewers praise soap for raising awareness of vaccinations

Daniel didn't get his son Bertie vaccinated

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Viewers of Coronation Street have praised the soap for raising awareness of vaccinations.

At the beginning of last week, baby Bertie fell ill with measles as a result of not receiving his vaccinations.

The viral illness was soon passed onto a pregnant Maria Connor, resulting in her suffering a miscarriage.

Maria had a miscarriage after contracting measles (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers have praised the soap for raising awareness of vaccinations and bringing attention to what can happen if people aren’t vaccinated.

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel took Bertie to get his jabs.

However, when the tot got distressed, Daniel freaked out and walked out without finishing the vaccines.

He has since failed to take him to the doctors and as a result, the baby caught measles and was admitted to hospital.

Daniel didn’t take Bertie back to the doctors for his jabs (Credit: ITV)

The day before Bertie was taken ill, friend and neighbour Maria gave the baby a cuddle but soon spotted he was feeling hot.

As Bertie was in hospital, Sarah and Ali noticed that Maria was unwell and she soon discovered she was bleeding.

When she went to hospital, she learned that her baby no longer had a heartbeat and had sadly died.

Maria was told her miscarriage was likely due to her getting measles (Credit: ITV)

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But Ali, who is a trained doctor, noticed her coughing and after examining her, he was clearly concerned.

Another doctor confirmed she had Koplik spots, which is an early indication of measles and is likely the reason she lost her baby.

Gary blamed Daniel for Maria’s miscarriage (Credit: YouTube/Coronation Street)

When Daniel learnt that Maria had caught measles – most likely from his son – he felt terrible.

Maria’s boyfriend Gary was furious when he learnt Daniel didn’t get his son vaccinated and ended up punching him.

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