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Soap actors you probably didn’t know are related to other soap stars!

These soap stars are all members of superstar families

Soapland is a famously small world type of place with the same soap actors appearing over and over again.

But sometimes those faces are more than familiar off-screen.

Here are some of the most famous soap star relatives out there.

The Flanagan siblings

One family that still astounds soap fans is the Flanagans.

But far from being adult actors in the soaps – they are in fact three child stars who have taken over Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

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Elder sister Amelia plays April Windsor in Emmerdale, while younger sister Isabelle plays Hope Stape in Corrie.

And her twin brother William plays her on-screen cousin Joseph Brown.

Talented family!

Charley Webb and Jamie Lomas

When Charley Webb joined Emmerdale almost 20 years ago – who would have thought it would begin one of soapland’s biggest families?

First her elder brother Jamie Lomas became one of Hollyoaks’ most iconic villains.

Then he moved to both Corrie and EastEnders.

He even had a daughter with Corrie icon Kym Marsh, while Charley married her co-star Matthew Wolfenden and they had three boys.

And is there any doubt one of their kids will continue the soapy tradition?

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Soap siblings Ryan and Adam Thomas

Ryan Thomas found fame on Corrie back in the nineties when he joined the soap as Eileen Grimshaw’s eldest son Jason.

He was just a teenager himself when he landed the role – so he was ideally placed to advise his younger brother Adam on his own career.

After a role on Waterloo Road, Adam joined a proper soap when he was cast as Adam Barton in Emmerdale.

Just like his brother he quickly became one of the soap’s most popular characters.

And don’t forget their other brother – Love Island star Scott Thomas.

Coronation Street cousins Brooke Vincent and Ellie Leach
Coronation Street cousins Brooke Vincent and Ellie Leach (Credit: Splash News)

Brooke Vincent and Ellie Leach

You’d be forgiven for forgetting that these two stars are related both on and off-screen.

While on screen they play step-sisters Sophie Webster and Faye Windass, off-screen they are cousins.

The pals have long shared the burden of being famous with each other and have swapped tips about how to cope.

Brooke is currently taking a break from the soap to be a mother, while Ellie has recently returned after a nine-month hiatus.

Coronation Street Sally Ann Matthews and Amanda Barrie
Coronation Street stars Sally Ann Matthews and Amanda Barrie discover they are related (Credit: ITV)

Amanda Barrie and Sally Ann Matthews

While most soap star relatives know who they’re related to – sometimes there’s a surprise hiding in their DNA.

And back in 2018 a secret was uncovered in a special documentary for Rovers landlady Sally Ann Matthews.

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Sal, courtesy of the kind people at Coronation Street DNA Secrets, discovered one of her 80s co-stars was in fact her cousin.

She was overjoyed to discover the legendary Amanda Barrie is her genetic cousin.

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