Six soap storylines that should NEVER have happened

They can't always get it right...

Fans are usually full of praise for their favourite soaps, often taking to social media to share how much they’re enjoying a recent storyline.

But every now and then soaps can get it wrong, and viewers definitely don’t hold back when it comes to airing their views.

Fans weren’t happy after last night’s Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Last night Corrie fans reeled in horror as Jim McDonald revealed to his ex wife Liz that the daughter they thought had died at birth was actually sitting at the next table from them at the Bistro.

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Ever since it was revealed that the soap would be bringing Jim back with his now grown up daughter, fans haven’t been happy. But this isn’t the first time soaps have got it wrong.

Here are five storylines that fans definitely didn’t like…

EastEnders: Ronnie Mitchell’s baby swap

Probably one of the most heartbreaking soap storylines of all time saw new mum Ronnie Mitchell discover her son James had died from sudden infant syndrome and secretly swap him with Kat and Alfie Moon’s newborn baby, Tommy.

Before she had a chance to put things right, ‘Tommy’s’ lifeless body had been discovered by Alfie and a grieving Ronnie couldn’t find the words to reveal what had happened.

Few storylines have divided fans so dramatically, and the soap received 13,400 complaints following the episodes’ broadcast in 2010.

Coronation Street: John Stape and Rosie Webster’s affair 

Rosie Webster and John Stape affair
Fans weren’t happy about Rosie and Josh’s affair (Credit: Rex/Shutterstock)

When Rosie seduced her A-level tutor, John Stape, she had no idea the amount of trouble she was getting herself in to.

Not only was John’s girlfriend at the time, Fiz Brown, about to find out, but she also ended up getting kidnapped by the teacher-turned-serial-killer a record-breaking THREE times, leaving viewers cross.

They weren’t happy about the unrealistic storylines and rejoiced when Stape was finally sent to jail for his crimes.

EastEnders: Fatboy’s grisly end 

Viewers were left fuming when fan-favourite Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb met a grim end after being crushed in a car crusher following a heartbreaking case of mistaken identity.

When Ronnie ordered for her nemesis Vincent Hubbard to be taken care of, little did she know the men she had hired to do the gruesome deed would accidentally finish off Fatboy instead.

It was only when Vincent went to the car wreckage and found Fatboy’s infamous ‘F’ necklace that his fate was revealed.

Emmerdale: James’s ghost haunts Emma  

James Barton in Emmerdale
James Barton’s ghost didn’t go down well with viewers (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans were left cold when James Barton’s ghost came back to haunt wife Emma as her crimes started to catch up with her last year.

After accidentally shooting her son, Finn, Emma struggled to cope with her guilt, and the husband she’d also killed the previous year started to appear as a figment of her imagination.

Fans also had a real problem with the fact the character’s ghost still had the leg brace on that he was wearing on the day he died, with some tweeting about the fact it should have been fixed when he became a ghost.

EastEnders: Homeless Ian Beale 

Homeless Ian Beale
Ian’s beanie hat didn’t please fans (Credit: BBC)

Who could forget Ian Beale with that beanie hat and unkempt beard?

After Mandy left him back in 2012 Ian suffered a nervous breakdown and was seen wandering off into the night dressed only in his pyjamas.

It was only when Lauren Branning was working with a homeless charity a few months later that she spotted Ian living in a motorway underpass.

But EastEnders fans weren’t impressed that none of Ian’s family or friends had tried to find the businessman before this point.

After all those years living in Walford you’d think someone would have cared enough to send out a search party.

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