EastEnders SPOILERS: Mitch and Karen kiss

Emotions get the better of Karen and Mitch next week

Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor have been to hell and back since the tragic death of their beloved daughter, Chantelle Atkins in EastEnders.

The grieving parents are still struggling to get their heads around what happened the night that Chantelle died, completely oblivious to the fact her husband, Gray Atkins, is to blame.

eastenders chantelle dies
Chantelle met a tragic end last week thanks to violent husband, Gray (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans have known for months that Chantelle has been trapped in a toxic marriage with abusive Gray.

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Things only got worse for poor Chantelle during lockdown, and she recently decided to leave her relationship.

Karen and Mitch have been struggling in the wake of Chantelle’s death (Credit: BBC)

But sadly for Chantelle, she never got her new beginning, because Gray killed her on the night she told him she wanted a divorce.

Fans watched in horror as the pair argued, with a furious Gray shoving Chantelle backwards onto a knife sticking out of the open dishwasher.

But while Gray has been covering his tracks ever since, the police are still trying to piece together what happened the night Chantelle died.

A final farewell

As Mitch and Karen prepare to bury their daughter, they are full of emotion next week.

Mitch and Karen start preparing for Chantelle’s funeral next week (Credit: BBC)

The former couple search though old family photos for Chantelle’s funeral, and soon they are both in tears.

Mitch and Karen kiss…

Soon Karen and Mitch are looking for comfort, and before they know what is happening, they lean in for a kiss.

But just at that moment, who should walk in, but Gray.

However, soon what Gray saw is the least of Mitch’s worries when he has a run in with his late daughter’s husband.

Mitch and Karen share a kiss next week, but how much did Gray see? (Credit: BBC)

Mitch is already suspicious of Gray, having witnessed Chantelle’s fear around him before she died.

Since her death Kheerat has also blamed Gray, leaving Mitch to wonder if the lawyer is hiding something.

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However, Gray soon turns the tables on Mitch and tells him he made his life a living hell by trying to turn Chantelle against him.

Gray delivers some home truths to Mitch next week, but is he just trying to cover his own guilt? (Credit: BBC)

Gray really hits home when he calls Mitch a terrible father, leaving the grieving dad reeling.

But while Mitch is heartbroken at Gray’s words, little does he know that Chantelle’s husband is just trying to cover his own guilt.

Will Mitch be the one to work out what Gray is hiding?

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