Seb in Coronation Street played by Harry Visinoni

Who plays Seb Franklin in Coronation Street? What else has Harry Visinoni been in?

Seb has come so far...

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Harry Visinoni plays the popular character Seb Franklin on Coronation Street.

Seb is caught up in a harrowing hate crime storyline – that’s left him and his girlfriend Nina Lucas hospitalised.

Does this mean Harry is leaving the soap? And what else is the actor known for?

We take a look…

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How old is Harry Visinoni?

Harry is 21. He was born on June 26, 1999 in Manchester.

Harry Visinoni plays Seb Franklin on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

What is his nationality?

Harry is British Italian. His mum is a former British ice skating champion, but he says his dad’s side are from the Italian Alps.

While chatting to What’s on TV, he said: “My younger sister (Lydia) is now following in my mum’s footsteps in terms of her ice skating, and has won competitions.

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“I can ice skate, but my dad’s side of the family come from the Alps in Italy, and half of my family are ski instructors there.”

Is Seb Franklin leaving Coronation Street?

As Seb fights for his life in hospital, viewers have been left wondering if this is it for the character.

Nina is set to gain consciousness, but memory loss prevents her from recalling exactly what happened.

Meanwhile Seb’s mum Abi becomes hellbent on identifying their attackers.

Seb Franklin and Nina Lucas
Seb and Nina are senselessly attacked (Credit: ITV)

Although preview photos show Seb in dire straits, there is no proof yet that Seb is being killed off.

Or if actor Harry is leaving. Neither ITV or Harry have said anything of a possible departure.

What else has Harry Visinoni been in?

Harry joined Corrie in 2016 and it is his biggest television role to date.

Prior to landing the part, he played character Tony Lyford in one episode of Doctors in 2016.

Is Harry single?

Harry is in a relationship with Ellie Isaac. In fact, they celebrated one year together in February of this year.

What has Harry said about his Corrie character?

While speaking to ITV, Harry said that joining Corrie and playing Seb has been invaluable for his career and education.

Hence he explained: “It feels like everyone went off to university and this has been my university, it has been the best education that one could ask for.

Harry is proud of his character’s development (Credit: ITV)

“I have learnt so much about acting, television, how production works and being on set so I have really been blessed with this opportunity.”

He added he actually feels quite sorry for his character: “Seb is quite a troubled person, I feel sorry for him because he has had a lonely and stressful existence.

“He has been defined by other people throughout his whole life because his life has been based on caring for people and he has not managed to escape from that.”

As for the latest hate crime storyline, Harry hopes it will inspire kindness with viewers.

The actor continued: “I would like to think that it would start a conversation in people’s living rooms.

“Seb and Nina are attacked because of prejudice and hatred for the way Nina looks – they are two characters that the audience knows personally and sees as kind, innocent and well intentioned people.

“And I’m hoping this means that they will relate to the devastation that it causes for all involved.”

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